Sometime this Week

“Sometime this week”

And it is Thursday

That was the response I got when I asked about when the birth family would be viewing profiles. We are still the only family…


The requirements are such that not a lot of families would be a fit…

I wish I could share, since I think the birth mom should see more than one family;

and honestly if there were other families we would pull our hat out of the ring since we DO  NOT  have the funds.

But, the thought of a baby waiting in cradle care goes against everything that we are and everything we are called to do…

When I asked about reduction in funds or a payment plan…I got no response; so I asked again…and again… and got the answer  “I need to ask…”


Pray with me that God moves for this little one that He loves so very much; that a family would be found with the funds, or that he would bless us supernaturally with the funds.

Due to the distance from this precious one ; only sixty miles away…if we are told we are the family; the placement will either be the same day or the next day; not a whole lot of time to come up with it…She is already born and waits…

The only reason we responded is they made a SECOND appeal for families as they had none…and we did not reply the first time…

Please pray with us and intercede for HER…as she waits

If you feel led to help with our adoption fund, either click where is says For our Adoption Fund below or on the sidebar where it takes you to paypal… if the link does not work for you, our paypal email is

2/26/15   Total Donated: $470     
at 1:00pm Eastern time $520 Thank you so much

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2 comments on “Sometime this Week

  1. I really wish that you could share more details, too!! We are in Ohio (so not too horribly far from you), and I’m a special education teacher, and are caregivers for our adult niece with Autism. There are some special scenarios that we might be equipped for, and we are home study ready and finances sitting in the bank!!

    • gosh I wish too… and you all know I share when I can, but get permission first. I posted once without permission and I will NOT do that again. I had to apologize multiple times. This place has a list of registered families so if inquiries are made from families not on the list about a particular situation then they would know confidentiality has been breached. And from what I was told, this happened last week somehow for this situation (it was not me) and they got really upset. So I must be very careful. I did ask about sharing, and she said she would let me know if that changed. That was the best I could do 😦 but here we sit and the baby is in cradle care….just pray another family comes forward or they lower the fees or allow payments. OR let the situation be shared. They would not even let me network personally because I even asked if I could do that…sigh.

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