And so We Wait some More

 On Thursday and Friday, I emailed a few times seeing if there was any update with the situation for which we are being shown

Our home study was requested on Wednesday

The birth mother has not been met with and she has not looked at our profile

The baby remains in cradle care

I continue to ask for either a payment plan or a reduction in fees

There is no other family other than ours as of yet…

The facilitator stated “They requested your homestudy on Wednesday, I will check in with them on Monday”…

 Having been around adoption for a while now, I am assuming they are really hoping for a family to pay the full fees;  I do not blame them… But, is it fair for a baby to remain in cradle care while fees and schedules are being refused to be negotiated??

I think that is a very fair question. It is at times like this that I WONDER… has the adoption agency or the facilitator forgotten why they originally decided to enter the adoption field? Is it really about the baby??

Pray for this precious one, that something gives…

either they allow me to share or they find other sources for adoptive families…

a family other than us from their registered list responds and has the fees…

The agency reduces their fees and/or agrees to a payment plan with us

or God provides for us to say “it’s OK we have the full fees.”

Any of these options would result in a baby finding a forever home…and is spending this precious time, that can never be gotten back, bonding with their forever family . She has been in cradle care for almost two months.

I know you all have seen situations like this and it is frustrating…

 I admit it is not about ME…It is about the BABY… what does the BABY NEED?

If it is not us that is fine; but we all KNOW this BABY needs a FAMILY!!

IF you did not believe that you would not be following this page or reading my blog…You wouldn’t … so PRAY please…

Thank you all


Total donated
2/28/15 $520
3/1//15 $560
3/1/15 at 5:00 pm eastern $ 575 Thank you so much

For our Adoption Fund:


7 comments on “And so We Wait some More

    • The reason they have no other profiles: it is a very confidential situation and they are only accepting registered families at this time, in the registered pool only very specific families can apply as they have to be from only one state, there are other criteria, there is a high legal risk that not many families are comfortable with increasing the time for tpr in this state… I think that covers it. I cannot be more explicit since I cannot share or network due to confidentiality issues… I am hoping and praying something changes!! Pray with me!!

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