Three little ones with Spina Bifida in Bulgaria waiting

So many of us wait and wait here in the US for a special needs situation … and wait some more. Meanwhile, in other countries children wait and wait and wait some more… for a family. For some, it is a perfect idea to look outside of the US and make a difference RIGHT now; no more waiting and waiting… All three of the children featured here are under the age of five and have had surgery to correct spina bifida.


Bulgaria is north of Turkey and south of Romania. The adoption program is very established and surprising to me, you can actually match with a child prior to completing your homestudy. Romania has few requirements:

  • Prospective parents must be US citizens
  • Prospective parents must be 25 years older than the child but no more than 50 years older than the child
  • 2 trips are required each trip approximately 1 week long
  • Adoption fees including travel are approximately $35,000.

You can decide on a child to adopt and match with them prior to having your international paperwork complete. If you are interested in speaking to someone about the Bulgaria program, its requirements and your eligibility; please contact :

Kids First Adoption Services

Inna Pecar or call 317-843-2300

9135 N Meridian St. Suite B-4

Indianapolis, IN 46260

I have been asked to advocate for these  three children and I agreed  because they need a home!! And that is where my heart is, helping in my small way to spread the  word about children that need families. And you can help in your way and SHARE and PRAY for these children, and if you feel led…  welcome them into your family!!

Please consider Bulgaria and in particular  these special needs children who are living in institutions desperately needing the love of a family.










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