Two children from China need our help and prayers!!

  When I read what this family has to consider to save their children’s lives…I wonder, would I be this strong?


“My name is Sue, from China. I am a mother of two babies, but unfortunately, both of them have a rare disease called Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome and their lungs, heart and liver are pressed very seriously. I took them to see doctors all over China, but no body could do anything. We feel very despaired because we really don’t want to see our children die since they can’t breathe. Then I search the doctors in the internet, and at last we find Dr. Robert Campbell
(  Dr. Campbell and their team can provide surgical care to our children. But Dr. Campbell says the care for each of our children is very complex and will require multiple surgeries and a long stay in Philadelphia. We don’t have enough money, either we can’t stay in the USA for such a long time.
I want to know if there is anybody can adopt the babies and help us to take the babies to get the care from Dr. Campbell or other doctors in the USA . We just want to save babies’ life, and we will surrendering our parental rights. Otherwise they will die because of the lack of surgery and lack of money. We don’t have medical insurance in China, and nobody can help us in China.”

CHASK note:  There is an extensive power point that is available that shows a lot of information regarding both children, medical condition and progression. Please contact the birth mom or CHASK to have it sent.  It is too large to post on the site. This adoption would need the help of an attorney experienced in medical adoption / and could be expensive.  There is no agency involved at this point. Both an attorney in China and here in the US is needed.  Undoubtedly, these children need medical care and very soon, in order to stay alive.  Someone who has experience in facilitating a medical / surgical immigration could call Sherry @ CHASK, to make sure we are going about this the right way.  208-267-6246.

Best Wishes
Crying mother , Sue



PLEASE if anyone can help with information about how legal adoption could be accomplished…

or are interested in adopting theses precious babies that their parents love so much…so much they are willing to place them so that they can live…

OR, the best idea,

 if anyone has other ideas how the family can stay together and afford these life saving surgeries…

contact CHASK.

208-267-6246  •  P.O. Box 310  •  Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845

There is further contact information listed on the CHASK web site along with pictures that I am not comfortable sharing here. Trust me, they are super cute kids!! One boy and one girl; the girl is five and the boy is almost a year and a half.
Please pray that resources are made available for this family,, that the right people would hear or read about this family’s situation and they would respond!!
that mountains would be moved!!

PLEASE SHARE, their lives may depend on it!!



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