URGENT plea from a DESPERATE Mom A JOB to save two lives

Here they are, her precious children; born in love, nurtured in sacrifice…


Until, one day, first her daughter…followed by her son, were diagnosed with Thoracic Insufficiency. A very rare condition, the best treatment in another country…

This family looked at their options:

  • Keeping the children in their home country and just letting the doctors there do their best…which meant no life sustaining chance of treatment

  • Letting a family from the US adopt or have guardianship of their children; very difficult legally…no door has opened in that direction

  • Or third…move to the US as a family get hired by a nonprofit and get the right visa so they could come and get treatment for their precious children…

BUT…TIME is not on their side.

Every day, her children grow

Every day, their lungs and vital organs try to grow

But there is NO room inside their ribcage for them…

Every DAY the time ticks, the momma prays

Every DAY she hopes


A NON PROFIT that can hire:

Jack as a warehouse manager

Or SUE who will do ANYTHING (she has education in Ag business) to save her babies.

There has to be some nonprofit out there that can give a job to a parent to save the lives of their dying children…

I have both of their resume’s and their contact information… contact me for them swissprimel@verizon.net

PLEASE this is URGENT if you know of someone who can hire them… or YOU have a position or can MAKE a position in your nonprofit organization for one or both of these parents…

PRAY with me that the right people see this and are urgently moved to change the future of this family and these children


There once was a King named Solomon

There was a baby that two women claimed…

The TRUE mother was willing to give her baby up to save HIS life… She was willing to do whatever it took to SAVE HIS LIFE…

The other was willing to let the child be sliced in two…

Please, as TRUE mothers of our children, we understand fighting for our children. So, let’s pray for heaven and earth to be moved…

For these precious lives to be saved

With a JOB or TWO


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