Baby due in May with Down Syndrome in Maryland

OOOHHH Someone is going to be very blessed!!


Family Needed for US Domestic Placement

Searching for a family for a US domestic placement.  The child is an African American boy who is due at the end of May.  Tests show that he has Down Syndrome.

  • Birthparents are 45 and 49 year old highly educated professionals.  No drug or alcohol use during pregnancy.  Baby will have a hole in his heart, which may or may not close up on its own, and an intestinal blockage that might require surgery.
  • Adoptive Family must have a current home study, no more than three children in their home already and be financially able to support the child and meet his needs.
  • Placement fee is $8,500.  Family will need to travel to Maryland and stay for a week to 10 days, depending on baby’s health issues, and completion of ICPC processing (for child to leave the state).

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please complete the questions below


I am hoping they find EXACTLY the family they want!! As I said, someone will be very, very blessed.




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