I am ready to fight bring it on

Woke up today and came to the conclusion, the tears are for me and not Ray at this point, and that is not acceptable. I need to suck it up and move forward. Helping me move on is Micah and Mary Anne in the office having a cat fight and they need to play nice.

Second the business may lose and account and I cannot tell Ray. I delegated Larry to handle whatever needs done to see if we can save it. Bottom line is God has to fight for us. I can’t spin all of these plates without serious help.

I am ready to fight, bring it on.

All of the prayers of family and friends are strengthening me.

Last night when I went home, I found out my necklace came.. I bought it before all of this happened and it just arrived. “Strength and dignity are her clothing. She smiles at the future.” On a separate charm was the reference Proverbs 31:25.

God knew I needed that. Those who know me, know I never buy anything…but a few weeks ago, I showed Ray and told him I needed one…

They did a bone biopsy today and we will know the results tomorrow.

March 31 from my journal



One comment on “I am ready to fight bring it on

  1. praying for you and Ray and children. Only God knows the pain in your hearts and I pray He will bring comfort in the way that Only He can. Thanks for sharing

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