Please tell me this is a dream

It was hard to tell the kids… it was hard, but in a way it was easy. We have always been a family that is a “team” and we need to be that more than ever right now.

Ray called, they are talking like they need to do dialysis.. yeah, dialysis. His kidneys are functioning at 7%. He thinks that was what was said and maybe a biopsy…but he wasn’t sure. Please tell me this is a dream.

Doctor Woolie came in from hematology. He wants to do a bone marrow scan; something is going on in the blood… he threw out the term lymphoma. Ray said nephrology is saying myeloma.. strange when you HOPE it is infection or lymphoma over myeloma, which is much more difficult to treat.

A cleaner came to clean the room, she was very nice. As she left, she said, “keep the faith”. That is the sign Ray wants over our business.. “Keep the Faith.”

Talk about a roller coaster…looks like Dr. McCool wants to wait for the biopsy of the lungs. Strep infection in the blood..hematology then wanted to do the biopsy on the bone anyway, but Dr. McCool spoke to him and wanted him to wait and see what spots were left after the infection in the blood was cleared up. We have to wait for Monday.

But Ray was happy!! Lunch is going to happen! He now can eat since the lung biopsy is delayed.

Kidney doctor came in … kidney function is a bit worse. He is putting out a lot of urine, but he is not filtering it well. There is a bit of blood in it…she is doing a test to see if it is more inflammation than myeloma by measuring some things in the urine…she wants to do a biopsy as well…early next week

from my journal March 27



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