Today begins a new chapter of our lives

It is multiple myeloma. We held each other.

He did not want me to leave, and I didn’t for a long time.

All the way home I tried to think of how to tell the children.

I am a blunt, get to the point type of person, so I began with …”today begins a new chapter in our lives…” it was so hard.

Then I had to call Caleb and send messages to Amanda. Amanda is deaf so I could not talk to her over the phone. She is sick so she cannot see her Dad. Levi is going to figure out a way for Iphone or facetime of some kind.

Mazie moo had gut wrenching sobs..she misses her Dad so much and he has been gone a week. Imagine…how many times this will happen now. I hope she can see him soon, but 10 is too young to go into the hospital.

We have all been hit with a Mack Truck…please let this be a very bad dream. Every one is sleeping everywhere and I don’t care. Whatever. We all need sleep so wherever that can happen is OK with me.

April 1 from my journal



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