It Is Who He Is


I did not know if we would have to go back to the hospital tonight. He over did it and could not breathe. When he was like this in the hospital, his blood pressure was too high.

He is struggling with not being strong. I told him it was not how many pounds he could lift that made me love him. It is who he IS.

We turned on the fan, opened the window ( it is about 30 degrees outside) and it still took him a long time to catch his breath.

What did he DO? He tucked Benjamin in…he walked upstairs to tuck him in…that’s it, nothing fancy. No marathons, but once again, instead of protecting his own health, he was thinking about how much Benjamin needed him to do that.

He just needs to think of himself more. He needs to take care of himself. That is what we all need more than anything else right now.

Jesus, please give me wisdom when to over ride his reluctance to go to the hospital for his own safety. Lord, encourage him. Let him see he has worth outside of his ability to do things. That he has worth just because he IS…please do not let him feel like he is a burden.

It is my pleasure to show him that he matters and I love him no matter what.

I had another day with my Ray!

April 4th from my journal



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