Needed family for a 9 year old Asian little girl


Update! 4/22/15 a family has been found!! Thank you so much for sharing and responding!

“we have hit a wall”


This little one is nine years old and was originally adopted from an Asian country when she was 3 and 1/2. Since that time, she has shown some RAD behaviors and has gone through some difficult circumstances recently that were not her fault.  She is now at the place where the family has hit a wall and know it is best for both the current family and the child that she not live with them anymore. Jeanna from Hope Embraced Adoption is working directly with the momma to find her a new placement.


A few words from her current family:

She can be charming, is a very big help! She loves to help with simple chores. She likes  to read, sing, and dance. She loves animals and is good with them. She isn’t aggressive or violent with me or in my home.

She loves church and know right from wrong. She has a lack of understanding with many of the English vocabulary but can speak the language well. She can spell well orally but struggles with writing her spelling words.

She is in the 4th grade and has been homeschooled.


The best placement dynamic:

Her current family feels the best dynamic to help her heal and grow emotionally would be:

Sisters her age.

OR a group home setting.

She also would like a father.

She desperately needs a new family as soon as possible. Please if you have a current homestudy and are interested in more details about being her forever family, contact Jeanna Smith, Executive Director

of Hope Embraced Adoption Agency:


If she is not your daughter, please share so she can find her new home



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