A month of Chemo


This photo was from the day we received his diagnosis… Now a month later…

April 27, 2015 from my journal

Sitting here waiting to see what the past month of Chemo has done for Ray.

I pray for a healing. God has not promised healing…

He has just promised He will be with us.


My throat is tight and I am concentrating on breathing deeply… A man sat in the chair next to us…

Hello, Keith…

Almost every day we come, we see a familiar face…Keith is Ray’s age, he is a neighbor…brain cancer for three years….

They call for Ray.

This doctor shook My hand and then Ray’s…His physicians assistant followed suit.

He sat across the room at the computer and spoke to the PA…we strained to hear his comments to her.. Lungs look better, Wow look at that…7200 a drop of 1500…Intermediate risk… I ask a few questions.

This is what we learned:

His creatinine was at 8 it is now 1.6 … a huge improvement of his kidneys. He is now no longer in acute kidney failure, but has moderate kidney function…

His lungs show improvement with less lesions.

His IGg numbers dropped from 9000+ to 7200 (normal is around 900)…

So he is responding to the chemo in a good way! They upped his dosage since his kidneys have improved…not to the full dosage, but closer to therapeutic dose. They are arranging an appointment with a Multiple Myeloma specialist in Pittsburgh to orchestrate his treatment plan and probably head toward stem cell transplant in the near future.

So.. this new road…is in some ways an old road.

Trusting, Breathing, Do the Next Thing…

We have been here before…different road, same feelings.

Walk through this world



3 comments on “A month of Chemo

  1. Praying for continued improvement. So blessed that the news wasn’t all negative. God is good even in our valleys.

  2. Reading and praying for all of you! If you need anything, we are just down the road…call or email anytime.

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