9 year old African American girl in South Carolina

Each of you know your family dynamics and know if you can see this little one at your table. There is no special family dynamic requested…and she would fit, as the oldest 🙂 As the youngest, or maybe in between….


THIS is NOT a “rehoming” situation.

This is NOT a Foster Care placement…

This is a PRIVATE placement.

Her father and step-mother are looking for a place where she can grow and be nurtured. She is perfect for the right family!


  • She LOVES purple!
  • ONE guess… her favorite movie is….FROZEN; loves Elsa and Hello Kitty ( I would bet most of you guessed!!)
  • She is a HUGE lover of books.. and tries her hand at writing her own
  • Enjoys painting, coloring, listening to music and singing!
  • She loves to play OUTSIDE
  • Is Great with younger children, being the eldest of her siblings
  • she is in South Carolina

Missy is healthy and diagnosed with ADHD. No abuse history, just neglect at early age from bio mom. Missy has learned not to hoard food and that she will not again go hungry. She is great with other children and pets.

Love and Hope Adoptions are working to find a new family for Missy.

Anyone interested, please email marian@loveandhopeadoptions.org with questions and for child’s bio.

*****Please email your approved home study with inquiry.

If you are not interested, PLEASE SHARE!!  And most important, pray for this little one and her future family.



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