Caucasian baby boy due in August


Update: A family has been chosen!!

When asked to spread the news… I do 🙂 Hopefully someone here is the perfect match for this little one due in August, contact A Bundle of Joy Networking and Referral.


Caucasian baby boy due August, 2015

Expectant mother denies the use of drugs/alcohol and mental illness

Fees associated with this opportunity

Agency & Birth mother expenses $21,800

ABOJ Networking & Referral fee $1,500

Estimated legal fees $3,700-$5,500.

Expectant mother would prefer Caucasian childless couple and will consider couple with one child. Also wants an open adoption.


If you are interested please contact…

Martine H. Powell, M.A.

Senior Adoption Advisor

A Bundle of Joy Adoption Networking & Referral

131 Brooks Edge Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27107

(336) 558-7682

If this is not your baby, please share!!



4 comments on “Caucasian baby boy due in August

  1. Is this situation still open? We are interested! We only live about 1 1/2 hrs. from Winston. It sounds perfect for us.

    • if you see at the top of the post…the fireworks show a family has been chosen whoo hoo. The birth family had been deciding between a few families and decided on one!

  2. Why are adoptions so expensive? The costs make adoptions so hard for average couples who are equally worthy or able to raise a child and have the opportunity to have a forever family. Women like myself, unable to have a successful pregnancy, dream of a chance of having a family some day. But upfront costs of adoptions make that dream seem almost impossible. ❤

  3. That’s too much, sorry, but if you want an open adoption, you may want to lower the price. that woman that keeps getting pregnant needs to keep her legs closed. On top of that pay for her own drug addiction.

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