No more platitudes

When you just cannot hear another platitude….when you just want time to breathe…

I wish I had great news. I wish I had news that the chemotherapy is working, that the cancer is receding..

Ray is continuing to have fevers of unknown origin. He is showing all of the signs of sepsis with no known cause…waiting for cultures to grow. His lungs are compromised but the cause is unknown. He is on continuous oxygen. He is getting a port put in today since all of his veins are blown and there are no more IV sites. They have discontinued chemotherapy until the infection is known and under control.

We went to the specialist appointment on Tuesday where the hematologist sent him for scans of his legs due to swelling in his feet. They found a clot behind his one knee…since his bloodwork showed he needed another transfusion as well, we were sent to the ER there in Pittsburgh. During and after the transfusion he was running a fever and his oxygen levels kept dipping into the high 80’s. He had a known upper respiratory infection and was on a strong antibiotic for almost a week at that point. He received a blood thinner shot for the ride home and a script for more. Ray DID not want to stay in Pittsburgh so they sent him home with strict orders to see the oncologist the next day here in Johnstown.

AT the appointment on Wednesday, still his oxygenation was low, his heart rate was elevated and he felt like crap. fast forward to Friday. He had finished his antibiotic, his temperature was 102, his heart rate was elevated, he was showing signs of sepsis. We were sent to the ER in Johnstown…after spending the night in the hospital there, he was transferred by ambulance to West Penn hospital and is on the oncology floor. He has received two more units of blood and lots of a variety of antibiotics to fight this unknown foe. The disease specialists are conferring with the oncologists. We are waiting and praying and begging God to move in a mighty way. That the source of infection could be found and treated. Ray is in a LOT of pain and I ask that you would also pray that God would alleviate that. He is on very strong pain management drugs that are not working well.

We covet your prayers


Lamentations 3:22-23King James Version (KJV)

22 It is of the Lord‘s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.


13 comments on “No more platitudes

  1. Abba Father, we come to You as heavy-hearted children. We openly admit that we don’t understand what is going on and why it is happening. All we know as humans is that our precious brother, Ray, is hurting and that the doctors you have placed in his path can’t seem to find the root of the problem. Lord, we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that You know exactly what is happening and what he needs to stop the pain and the infection. In the mighty Name of Jesus we ask that You would reverse his situation and take away the pain, infection, AND cancer. Please send angels to surround him to protect him and comfort him. Let Your mighty presence be felt in that room by everyone that enters there. Father, we also lift Esther up to you. The load she is carrying as a wife and mother is overwhelming. We ask Lord that You will lift and sustain her through this time. Be her Rock and Fortress as she faces each days challenges and, at the same time, let her come to You as Your little girl climbing into Your lap and loving arms for comfort and peace. Let her sense Your presence deeper than ever before. And Father, for their children, we ask that You would also surround them with Your “peace that goes beyond all understanding” and help them to adapt to the changes in their “normal” for this time. Jesus, we lay all of our burdens at the foot of Your cross and ask these things in Your Name above all names. Praise You Lord for all that You are about to do and for all that You have already done,,for truly, Great is Your faithfulness !!!
    Amen and Amen.

  2. I am praying Esther and I have alerted friends all over the world to pray. I love you. Pm me your phone number? I lost all my contacts when my phone broke.

  3. Great is thy Faithfulness! Ohhh God my Father! In you I put all my trust,my hope is in you! I bring Ray and I come! I lift Him high! See Him My Lord? Examine Him I pray, Rid Him now of all poisons to his system, any infection from its source, eradicate,any and all pain under the blood of the lamb! Peace Lord Jesus I pray for all the family and especially Esther.

  4. I am so sorry that Ray and your family is going through this. Praying that our GOD will move in a mighty way Esther. Love you❤️

  5. When our son Brian was on the verge of death 8 years ago someone said to me " don't pray that he pulls through, pray for a miracle" and I did all night long. The Lord heard me and granted him a miracle. Don't give up praying for Ray's miracle. Pray withou

    Praying for a miracle.

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