Jackson who is 2 in TX adoptuskids


Ok he is just too cute not to share 🙂 surely his family is one of my readers!! Can you say awwww 🙂 He is on adoptuskids.org his link is:  http://adoptuskids.org/_app/child/viewp.aspx?id=56382



Status: Available
Name: Jackson
Age: 2
Race: White/Caucasian
Gender: Male
State: Texas
Case #: TX0179708
Last Profile Update: 05/20/15
Photo Updated: 05/22/15

About Jackson

Jackson is a sweet toddler who loves to bounce and observe his surroundings. He loves to sit in his bed and bounce for quite some time. Jackson is diagnosed with Bilateral Frontal Polymicrogyria  (Cerebral Malformation). He is also hearing impaired in both ears; profoundly deaf in his right ear and moderate to profound in his left. Jackson receives daily nutrition via a G-tube and he participates in physical and occupational therapy. He is crawling and sitting up. Although he does not readily play with toys, he is beginning to show interest in them and will reach for them and pick them up. Jackson is beginning to express interest in people that are important to him and expresses happiness and joy when he sees them. Like most toddlers, on occasion he will get upset and cry or scream for a few minutes. Overall, Jackson is a happy child.

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