PA family NEEDED baby due July


UPDATE: June 19, 2015 Philadelphia family found!! whoo hoo!! thank you so much for sharing!

Helping Advocate for this little one. Must be Home study ready and Pa family prefered but not a must.

African American baby due in July…

Do you know of anyone that may be looking to adopt and would be interested? Expecting a healthy baby, gender unknown, due end of July in Philadelphia! Both birthparents are involved in plan! Birthparents are looking for Christian family who are open to open adoption with a couple visits per year. Fees 25K plus legal.

ONLY if you are homestudy ready, emotionally ready, and financially ready…. If this is NOT your situation, please share so this little one can find his or her home!

Contact : they will connect you with the agency!

OOH someone is going to be very blessed!!



8 comments on “PA family NEEDED baby due July

  1. Hi my wife and I came across you blog and were very excited to read it we are looking to adopt and just got home study approved. I am in the navy currently stationed in Virginia beach, my wife is a nanny that loves taking care of children and has been doing it for the last 12 years she is 25 I am 27. We have been trying to expand our family for 6 years now but due to fertility issues have been unable to conceive. We are a church going household that would love to be considered for this adoption by the birth parents. Thank you for your time and God bless
    Joe and Jennifer Cabrera

    • please do contact the email given 🙂 she will give you the contact information regarding this PA situation! Thank you so much for your interest. Esther

  2. Hi Esther, My name is Wanda Jeter and my husband and I are the family that saw your blog post about the healthy baby due in Pennsylvania and adopted the child. I wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog for a while and that you have been such a blessing to so many, including us. Please don’t allow the ignorance of a few people to deter you from the amazing work that you do connecting children with families. We have been to hell and back trying to be parents and we now have an adorable and beautiful daughter. This happened because of you and your outreach. I cannot thank you enough for connecting us with the birthmother who has become a part of our family and ultimately, making us parents together. You were correct, when you said that someone is going to be blessed. I can’t stop looking at our daughter and her beautiful smile. I just want to say thank you for your help and time, as well as your blessing our family. In His Name, Wanda, Tommy and Kahlan Grace Jeter

    • Thank you so much for your comment Wanda!! I needed it so much. Sometimes, it seems as if you try so hard to do right and things spin out of control. Thank you for the reminder of WHY I do it. Surely not for me…but for the precious children who have a family that has not been found yet!! I am so glad that God used the blog to find your family for this precious one and You found the child that your arms longed for 🙂 I am so happy that you have been blessed abundantly by her and her birth family. If you have a moment… could you send me a picture to thumbtack on my wall at home (not my electronic one) ??

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