Needed Same Sex Male Non NY family for born baby girl

Update: 7/2/2015 this little lady has a family!! Thank you all for sharing!


From Adoption ARC a highly respected PA adoption agency!

I was asked to share so …this is the best way to find her family!! sharing…


Adoption ARC is searching for a home-study ready US non New York same sex male couple for a beautiful Caucasian baby girl.  We would love to show profiles home study ready couple (non New York due to licensing restrictions).
Thank you for considering the following placement or resources for placement:
Fees are as such: 36K agency plus 8500 legal plus 4K living expenses and any foster care of 125 per diem from discharge from the hospital to placement.

Baby Girl T. was born on June 29, 2015 at 2:27 AM. She weighed 9 pounds and 14 ounces. She appears to be a Caucasian infant female. Doctors and nurses say she is doing well.

Birth mom is a Caucasian female, who recently moved to the local area. No one knows about this pregnancy except one good friend. Birth Father is UNKNOWN. She reports Birth Father is Caucasian.

Birth Mom originally planned to have an abortion but was unable to save enough money. When she saved enough money it was too late for her to have an abortion- she was given a late term abortion option and she declined.
Birth Mom is a Senior in College at an Arts College and plans on finishing her last credits locally She was employed until recently when she was laid off, she has for $4,000 in living expense to assist her with money for clothes, food and bills.
Birth Mom is 5’9” and weighs 135 pounds- She is beautiful, with brown hair and brown eyes. Her religion is Episcopalian.
She is unable to parent at this time because she never had a desire to be a parent. Additionally she does not feel emotionally or financially able to parent a baby in any capacity. Birth Mother Self Disclosed Medical: She reports a history of low blood pressure, wearing braces on her teeth, she is diagnosed with ADHD and takes 45 milligrams of Vyvanse (which she took during her entire pregnancy). BM is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2, she is treated by a Psychiatrist and goes to therapy weekly. She reports having HPV, but receiving Gardasil shots. BM is severally allergic to horses, additionally she is allergic to long hair dogs, but reports being able to be near them- just not able to pet them. She has a hypoallergenic dog and does fine in the home with it. She has a history of eczema. Birth Mother reports having issues with her ears when she was younger and required having several tubes placed, she has limited hearing in her left ear. Additionally she reports needing a tonsillectomy and adenoids out when she was about 6 or 7 years old.


Birth Mom took her ADHD medication during her pregnancy. Additionally she drank about 2 beers per week throughout her pregnancy and smoked a pack of cigarettes a week throughout her pregnancy. She denied all drug used.
Birth Mother reports a family history of ADHD (her Mother), Bipolar Disorder Type II (Paternal Grandfather), Allergies (Her Father-horses, dogs, cats), Eczema (her Father) Birth Mother was adamant about a same sex, male couple who was “REALLY COOL,” and preferably of Episcopalian religion- she is not totally stuck on this and does not want them to be too religious either. She wants the baby to grow up with good morals and to be loved by “really awesome, loving Dads, Dads that when you just look at them know they are great people.”

Contact Adoption ARC: Any Questions Please Call Tara: 1-215-317-1553 

or the agency: 1.800.884.4004 or  1-215-748-1441
F:1-215-842-9881 email

If this is not your baby…please share!!



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