This little boy needs a second chance home ASAP

This is most urgent. The child has a genetic syndrome and we are desperate for word to be passed onto any blog or shared on your Facebook page.

Logan is almost age 7 and was adopted from China with the diagnosis of a hole in his heart (which was repaired in 2013). However when he came to the U.S., he was diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, a little known genetic syndrome. His parents have helped him come a long ways but feel unable to continue to meet his needs. We are hoping that a special family will come forward for this special child. Information on this genetic syndrome can be found at

He likes to color, use play doh, likes to ride a tricycle, kick ball, play wiffle ball with other kids, play cars, Duplo blocks, books, and pick out letters on signs.

Although it is hard to know how much he understands, Logan likes to be read to and pays attention for short periods of time.

Logan’s parents use sign language with him and he initiates signs. Mostly this are action type signs, getting dressed, eating, etc. He is able to follow simple tasks like “Logan, go upstairs, get the red ball on the shelf”. His receptive language is much better than his spoken language. He is very limited on what he can say; he has about 10-15 words that he speaks.He has learned colors, numbers, and directions.

Logan is capable of dressing himself. He has a good sense of humor and can be endearing.

He will eat almost everything. He loves fruit and can peel his own oranges, bananas.

SMS causes a person to tend to sleep during the day and be awake at night. However Logan’s parents have found a functional way to have him sleep at night by not catering to his night noises. He was persistent at night, so they realized they should not be at his beck and call at night. Now they have him sleep in a part of the house where they could only hear his big noises. They have him in a room away from the others so his little noisy ramblings will not be heard. His cycle has been modified so he is doing pretty well sleeping at night. His dad gets him up at 6:45 a.m., and if dad is a minute late, Logan knows. Logan does much better and his SMS symptoms are lessened when he has had an adequate amount of sleep. He takes a nap after lunch. His school IEP has him taking a nap at school and he does this well in classroom, even if it is noisy. At school, he sleeps 20-30 minutes. When he is at home, he naps for an hour or more. If he doesn’t get his nap, he will be cranky, less cooperative, and less easy to direct. SMS symptoms are more obvious if he doesn’t sleep enough.

Logan does not present a danger to pets, however he isn’t much interested in them.

Logan has one eye that has poor vision so with glasses, it is corrected. Some SMS people have poor kidneys, but his kidneys are fine.

We have much more info on Logan, including videos of him. Prices have been reduced for his adoption. If you know of anyone who would be willing to put a personal grant on this adoption, let us know!

We have more information about Logan and his parents are willing to share about Logan. If you want additional, information, please contact us at

Second Chance Adoptions's photo.

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