This is the air I breathe

Ray had been feeling really good. So good in fact  he was feisty 🙂 it was so good to see him with come backs from comments, jokes for visitors….but then the results came back. His myeloma numbers are climbing. chemo protocol has been stopped as it is not working.

An attempt was made last Tuesday to obtain a bone marrow biopsy sample and it was not successful. We are here now in outpatient today for a scheduled biopsy in the outpatient OR suites.

imagePray for us, that after these results come back the specialist and his general oncologist come up with a plan to move the numbers in the right direction. We pray for a complete healing of Ray’s body, blood and bones, kidneys and back…

Breathe by Michael W. Smith

This is the air I breathe

This is the air I breathe

Your Holy Presence, living in me.

This is my daily bread

This is my daily bread

Your very word, spoken to me.

and I I’m desperate for you

And I I’m lost without you.



7 comments on “This is the air I breathe

  1. Prayers are with Ray and family may his numbers come down and bone scan come back good prayers are with you all.

  2. You are in my constant prayers I know God is with you .Your faith in this time of need is a wonderful testimony .

  3. My prayers continue to be with you all during this time. May God wrap you all in His loving arms and carry you through this journey with His strength as only He can do.

    Love to you all, Cheri Simmons Rockwell

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