BABY girl in PA with Spina Bifida needs a family!

Update: 7/13/2015 AFTH told me they have enough families for her to select between!! She has profiles to view! Thanks you all so much for sharing!

 Adoptions from the Heart is in need of a special family for a 2-week old infant born in


Pennsylvania. The details and contact information are below. Please help this little girl find her family! She may go home as early as next week if a family can be found.


Baby girl born on 6/22/15 with spina bifida. She had a surgery to attempt to correct the spina bifida on 7/2/15 and the doctors have come to the conclusion that she will most likely be paralyzed from the waist down for the entirety of her life. She had a shunt placed in her brain on 7/7/15 and it is a common routine procedure and there are no concerns about that procedure at this time. She is recovering well from the surgery. She has club foot on 1 foot and will need to have a cast put on it in a few weeks to “fix” the club foot and prevent any further deformity. She will also have a cast placed on the other foot as a precautionary measure. Contact Hannah Burgess at Adoptions from the Heart in Pennsylvania for more information: (610) 642-7200

If this is not your baby, please share!!



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