Two separate homes needed for a baby and a little boy

First of all, I need to tell you I have not posted situations for a while…there are some reasons. The main one is;

The last posting I made, I was asked to take down due to my readers  harassing the agency who was helping to place an older child. ONE of MY readers called the agency’s local police, the FBI and the government agency that deals with child trafficking…in turn all of these law enforcement entities contacted the placing agency. And that does not count the people who called the agency themselves…with NO intention of being a resource to the CHILD, just to give the agency a rough time
…REALLY >>> REALLY ??  It is true…
If you are one of those readers, please forget you ever read this blog…this is for families that are sincere in their search to find their child or baby, not for those that are looking to create DRAMA. (BTW nothing came of the “investigation” everything was being done legally by a legal agency). I am elated though that the child DID find his forever home!!

Now to introduce you to these little ones who wait here in the US….maybe waiting for You and Your family….


The little boy:


This little one was adopted by a family in the US from Eastern Europe a year ago. He is 10. He is precious 🙂 He has Down Syndrome and is a “pure delight” to his current adoptive family… His adjustment has gone well and he has made huge progress in his home; However, his current family is looking for a new home for him for only one reason… In their words:

Yet there is ONE simple reason why we would like to place A* in a different family: our family consists of three little girls ages seven and under and a son in a wheelchair who is six, and A* exhibited on several accounts that he has seen sexual themes. Our family dynamic is tender and young, and he belongs somewhere a little more hardy. The hyper-viligilance  is simply too difficult for us to maintain because our girls are too young to model appropriate behavior.

As a result, this family seeks a new family that has ;

  • No other children

  • or girls that are at least  ages 10 or older

  • Or boys of any age, he does not exhibit behavior towards boys

He has not acted out in this manner for six months.

Please pray with us that a family that meets his needs is found soon!

This will be a private adoption. For the private contact email for the current family, please email me:


The baby:

This little baby boy is four weeks old and needs his HOME!! He was born with a condition known as Schizencephaly. The family must research this condition and be aware of its manifestation and how it would impact this little one as he grows. He is diagnosed with a severe form of this medical challenge.

The only cost to adopt this precious one is for legal fees…



For more information: contact:


If neither one of these precious ones who wait are YOURS….

Please share so they can find their families!!

And please, always PRAY that God would move so that these children will not have to wait ONE MORE DAY…



One comment on “Two separate homes needed for a baby and a little boy

  1. Esther, I am so sorry that this happened. The devil and his spiritual forces of darkness are against what you are doing, and you are under attack, even while you face many other trials in your life. This really has my flesh steamed! Yet I pray that God works through this unfortunate situation, and allows you peace to know that He is in control, and that He is working all this together for your good. I continue to pray for you and your family, Esther.

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