Urgent Baby boy in Nevada needs a home today Nov 10, 2015

Update: Nov 12, 2015 at 7:36pm Eastern Time…Family FOUND!! will be flying out tonight to meet this little Mister 🙂 This little guy has the covering of all of your prayers and I know I will remember him!! Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow !!


Still no family…two families considered and said NO… A family must commit today. Baby has been moved out of the NICU, the agency is willing to break up the payments, there is NO cradle care with this agency, and last of all…the HOSPITAL has been pushing for him to be discharged it is absolutely the end, the 11th hour before he is placed in state care…that usually means a long term medical facility for special ones in foster care… God knows. I am trying for these last few hours…He deserves for me at least to try for a few more hours and share his plight. He is a true orphan right here in the US…

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Urgent, Urgent… baby Boy in Nevada needs a family TODAY Nov 10, 2015


Time is running out for this little baby. If a home is not found for him today, he will be placed in the custody of the state and probably be placed in a long term medical care facility. There ABSOLUTELY  is a family for HIM!! Where are they?? My heart says…EVERY child absolutely EVERY child should have a family!!!

This hurts my momma heart!!

First off if you are NOT homestudy ready, you cannot apply …do NOT waste the worker’s time. If you cannot travel TODAY or first thing tomorrow or are not financially ready..do NOT waste the worker’s time……

but we all can SHARE and PRAY!

This precious baby boy was born in September in Nevada with hydrocephaly. He has had two surgeries and is ready for his family TODAY. He is ready to be discharged…

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2 comments on “Urgent Baby boy in Nevada needs a home today Nov 10, 2015

  1. I want him. If I get a home study done and he is still in foster care. Could my family of 7 kids and a granddaughter and mom and dad take him.

    • A family has just been found!! If you are interested in adoption the first step is have a local agency do a homestudy and with that certificate, you can adopt!

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