Little six-year old girl in South Eastern state needs a family

She dances and plays dress-up. She loves to be around other children but parallel plays rather than plays with other children. Her personality is sweet and happy…she is a SMILER 🙂  She is a girly girl !! She really likes animals and does well with them!

Winnie the pooh classic pictures pooh4[1]

This precious little one has developmental delays. She knows some signs and struggles with communication. She has been tested to find the cause of the delays with no concrete conclusion. She currently receives therapies in her special education school, continuing the therapies she has had from the time she has been small. She does have some minor sensory issues: not liking feety pajamas or silky materials.

She walks, can eat without help (needs things cut up into small bites), and is learning how to use the potty. She does sleep well at night. Her developmental stage is that of a two year old. She is Caucasian.

This little one currently receives SSI.

Her first family is looking for an adoptive family that is willing to maintain some kind of contact with them, just pictures and updates to know how she is doing as she grows up.

Fees total: if you need an agency to file for subsidy is $10,000 all inclusive (this estimate includes the lawyer for termination and finalization)

If you will not require an agency to file for subsidy and wish to only use a lawyer: fees would be $4,000 to $5,000.

More information is available. Due to the sensitivity of this situation, please contact me: if you are interested in more information. I do not work for or contract with the referral, I just am a mom with a blog 🙂

If she is not your little girl, please pray and share.




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