Little boy in the Northeastern US with a Gtube Needs a Family!


This little sonshine loves to snuggle on your lap for a book! He loves to color pictures, play outside and play with toys. Although he currently has no siblings, his birth family says he seeks out and loves to play with other children and they desire a family for him with other children! He has some therapy that has not been consistent to address his developmental delays. He is five years old, but functions at about a three year old level. He talks, walks and is really working hard to use the potty 🙂 He is almost there with that very important skill!!


He is Caucasian and lives with his birth family. He has very severe food allergies that resulted in him requiring a G-tube for nutrition. He has now been approved to begin eating by mouth, but his momma has been afraid to do much to develop that skill. He does not yet attend school.


The placement of this precious one is through an agency whose fees are around $13,000. The agency is willing to help with grants and /or take payments for his placement; so not all monies would need to be paid upfront or right away.


I know that his family is just waiting to hear about him! So please if he is NOT your little one, spread the news 🙂 If he IS your son, or there is a tugging and you think MAYBE… and are HOMESTUDY ready, please contact

Please pray for him and the adjustments that will occur shortly in his little life. And please share so he can find a family perfect for him!




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