Little Girl in SouthEastern US with Angelman syndrome needs a Family

Someone is going to be VERY Blessed!!

She is 14 months old in the South Eastern US with a genetic variation known as Angelman syndrome.  She is African American.

She was diagnosed when she was six months old and is delayed in speech and her physical abilities. She does sit up but does not crawl yet. She responds to voices and knows her NAME 🙂 She can understand simple directions.

Her physical and communication level is 6 to 7 months. Her Development and social level is currently tested at 10 months.


The birth family agrees on the placement of their daughter. They wish for an adoptive family with any family structure that is hoping for an open adoption with possible visits!

The fees for this agency placement is $13,000 this includes everything except finalization, your travel and your postplacements . The agency, although inexperienced with special needs, is willing to help the adopting family with subsidy applications.

If You think that this little one is a PERFECT FIT for your family, and you are Homestudy Ready…


for more information and to be presented!!!


As always, if she is NOT your little one and or you are not ready yet, please share so she can find her family…and be ready NEXT time 🙂

Please pray for her family of birth and for the adopting family but most especially for her and her adjustment into a new environment.



2 comments on “Little Girl in SouthEastern US with Angelman syndrome needs a Family

  1. I don’t think I ever told you that you were the initial spark that led us to our precious son. You sent the miraculous email after we thought we had run out of options. My husband and I were already signed on with a facilitator, but month after month of barely showing our profile and no leads, I started sending it out on my own. No luck until I came across your email for a baby boy due in August. This is our baby. You led us to him (then there was the referral agency and the adoption agency and attorney and staying in a hotel for two weeks). I just want to thank you for your work and for being the spark and catalyst to finding our son.

    With love and gratitude,


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    • Thank you so much for this message!! A long time ago there was no way to spread the word so quickly and there were situations that, as a family, was the wrong time, or we did not have funds…and I felt so bad knowing that in many cases, we were the agency’s last option…. but today.. that is so different!! Each and every one of these children God intends to be in a family and it is wonderful to know that YOU are the family for that precious little one! Only GOD!!

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