Baby girl in Southeastern US needs a special family

1/29/16 This baby still has not found her home. Sara from Special Angels has done her best to bring down the fees for this adoption, to no avail. I understand the fees are high, but I still have to try once more… anyone?? Anyone that can say YES??

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it-s-a-girl-round-balloon[1]Are you dreaming of rocking a little girl to sleep, who may one day communicate by using sign language? I know that a family is waiting and prepared just for this little one…

She was born this month in a Southeastern state in the US.


She has a cranio-facial disorder that may result in hearing loss and a g-tube.  Both of those outcomes are possible, but as of yet unknown.  She is biracial.

She will be released from the hospital soon and needs a family to love and hold her and advocate for her! The momma has requested a heterosexual couple to parent her little girl.


Special Angels Adoption is helping with the placement of this precious little one.

The fees are approximately $28,000.

As you know Special Angels does not set the fees and we all wish they would be less…

the Fees include: termination of parental rights and ICPC…

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