Three year old boy in NV needs a family


He is little. He is only 3; Caucasian with light brown hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion. He has been diagnosed with autism. He lives in Nevada!! His grandparents are loving on this little boy right now, but feel too old to take care of him for the long term and have two other small children in the home. His birth family says he is sweet and adorable. They love him very much. His momma is willing to sign and the birth father is not listed on the birth certificate. The grandparents are 100% behind the decision of the birth momma to place this little guy.

About this little one ๐Ÿ™‚

He LOVES Disney movies, especially Treasure Planet!… and tries to sing along to other Disney movies!! Who doesnโ€™t? He plays alone a lot of the time. His favorite toys are building blocks, and toy cars. He wants to go for walks and to be at the park. He is very sensory and a limited menu of: chips, dry cereal, crackers, applesauce, corn dogs, pop corn chicken, French fries, vanilla wafers, yogurt, mashed potatoes. He never drinks soda, only milk, juice and water!! That is his basic menu eating other things might take some time. He only says a few words that are understandable.


They want a special family for this little one; Specifically:

  • no more than three children in the home,
  • a current homestudy that states approval for the adoption of special needs children.
  • Willing to send pictures and updates to the birth family
  • The family should be prepared to set up occupational therapy, speech therapy, and sensory therapy after placement.
  • Length of transition time will depend on the child, birth family and adopting family.

The agency is willing to help with application for subsidy or SSI. More information is available if you are seriously interested. Contact


$100 with application, homestudy and adoption profile to Hope Embraced Adoptions

$1500ย Hope Embraced Adoptions Fee

$18,000 for the placing agency, includes all birth family expenses, agency fees and attorney fees, and ICPC. These fees are set and not able to be reduced.


As you can see lately the cases I have been posting are HIGH fees. These seem to be the only situations that agencies are having difficulty placing: high needs babies or children with high fees. All I know is, I wish it was less, I wish adoption was different. But it is notโ€ฆand I do not have the power to change it.

If this little boy is NOT your little one, please SHARE and PRAY that he finds a family that he can live with forever and everโ€ฆ




8 comments on “Three year old boy in NV needs a family

  1. Why can’t services be put in place to keep the little fellow with his family? I have an Austistic grandson- taking him away from his family would be devasting. I don’t understand why help is not available by the state for the family. In North Carolina our social services would do everything possible to keep the family intact. So so sad the little fellow will be forever traumatized

  2. I dont understand why these fees are charged for adoption…seriously.. In Australia there are no ‘fees’ Home checks, police checks etc etc yes, but a huge amount of money, no. Birth family expenses??? Wot rubbish. They chose to give up a child for adoption, what in heck are their ‘expenses” – from a birth mother of a newborn 15 years ago, now an Aulteristic Egg Donor and Aulteristic 2 x surrogate (and adoptee).

  3. Reblogged this on Brownswissmomma's Blog and commented:

    Fees have been adjusted to try to help with finding this little guy a home. He has moved back in with his momma and she is struggling and a solution needs to be found soon…

    $100 with application, homestudy and adoption profile to Hope Embraced Adoptions

    $1500 Hope Embraced Adoptions Fee

    $18,000 for the placing agency, includes all birth family expenses, agency fees and attorney fees, and ICPC. These fees are set and not able to be reduced.

    • We live in Nevada and have experience with special needs including autism. Unfortunately, Nevada lacks resources for special needs. They are ranked 50th for education for a reason. We would have contacted the agency about this boy but the fees are outrageous. There really shouldn’t be any family expenses and very little paper work. It feels like this family is hurting and being exploited for financial gain. The fees should not be this high. And the little guy looses out ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Hugs to you all ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

    • These fees are still outrageous ! If you are the birth family please know that good families would love to adopt your child but these fees aren’t even close to “normal” fees. There are families and therapists in Nevada that could support you during these hard times.

  4. I hope the birth family knows there are people willing to adopt. Regular loving families… We have been talking about adoption for a while now and have two of our own children. The only thing that holds us back is the crazy adoption fee? What regular family CAN afford do adopt? I’m so sorry for the little boy! God help this poor mother.

    • adoption is a legal process that costs money just like any other service. And usually most special needs placements require MORE not less time for the agency… most agencies DO reduce fees significantly in an acknowledgement of the extensive extra expenses the adopting family will incur. However, for most agencies, this is the way they pay their bill and keep the lights on they have to charge some fees.

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