Little four year old boy from Western US


He was adopted two years ago from Southeast Asia. His family tried for these past two years making it work for their family, but the stress of trying has worn them out and they have come to the difficult decision, that they are not the best family for their precious son.


Be gracious to this family, as they are hurting very badly. After X was adopted, it was discovered that he has a neurological disorder and a seizure disorder. X has poor vision, but does not wear corrective lenses due to the his tendency to hit himself in the head.  He also displays head banging tendencies.  His seizures are under control with medication. He is currently non-verbal and Non-ambulatory. He uses a wheelchair but at home he can scoot!! His future family would need to find resources for him to receive physical therapy, speech therapy and feeding therapy.  His placing family is located in the western part of the US.

X enjoys bath time and light up toys!

The placing family would love to place him with a family with a great support system and resources for respite care due to X’s behavioral pattern of continuous screaming for and hour or more at a time.

As a result of his screaming that is incessant without being consoled; the placing family will NOT place him with a family wherein another member has sensory processing disorder. They know that is just not a good fit.

X’s family wishes to place him right away! They do not have any stipulations on the size of the family; just that there are no children in the home with sensory processing disorder.


$8000 or less: includes…legals, subsidy work, icpc…and even finalization if the family is willing to come to OH for the finalization. If the family does not want to do that, they will have to pay for finalization in their own state. Also, does not include travel or post placements.


If you are interested in adopting X and have a current homestudy with current clearances and are willing to sign a non disclosure agreement with Special Angels (at no cost, just to verify your homestudy status); please contact

DSCN7864 (2)

Please, if he is not your little boy, share so he can find his home; where he will grow and thrive and love and learn…And pray for his placing family.



One comment on “Little four year old boy from Western US

  1. My heart goes out to this family, this young man sounds very similar to one of my sons when he joined our family. With patience, time, and a LOT of work things have improved for my son and I wish the same for this young man. Unfortunately we live in Canada so adoption wouldn’t work for us but I wish the best for this family and young man.

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