Troubles Melt like Lemon Drops

Dates have significance… February 25. When the specialist made the appointment for February 25th, Ray and I looked at each other and thought maybe, just maybe that is a good thing! See, that is the date of Tressa’s birthday…Tressa went to be with Jesus when she was six… Tressa is Ray’s first born little one…


The last month with Elotuzamab has been a rough one. Ray was really, really sick; nausea, temperature, headache, dizziness…diarrhea, pink eye, stomach flu…basically one long ugh month… He was hoping that meant it was working, but … it. Wasn’t.


The specialist decided today to move to the nuclear option. In patient chemotherapy; five days out of 28, beginning on Monday. Our hope is great; the risks are increased… life is precious…God. Is. Still. Faithful.


All my troubles melt like lemon drops.

Way above the chimney tops,

That is where you will find me.


Somewhere over the rainbow,

Bluebirds fly.

If birds can fly over the rainbow,

Then why,  oh why can’t I

Lyrics by Cole Porter

Pray for us,



6 comments on “Troubles Melt like Lemon Drops

  1. Praying always for the Great Healer to be present in Ray and all of your lives. Again…if there is anything I can do….please just let me know.

  2. Hi Esther! This is my first time reading your blog. Our family is adopting two precious girls from China who have special needs, so I came across your blog somehow in all of my researching. I just wanted to let you know about the KICKcancER movement if you haven’t already heard of it, for your loved one going through chemo. Their website is They focus on childhood cancers because their children are fighting cancer which caused them to start this foundation. But the info is relevant to any age person going through treatments wanting to give their body the best chance to fight it. Their children, while going through chemo and simultaneously implementing the natural protocol, have been able I avoid experiencing most of the side effects of treatments and see a positive response in fighting the cancer. They offer a kit with some of the detox therapies and herbs and oils to get you started. Or you can email them for their guide, research and get the items you want yourself. I hope it blesses you, and our family will be praying for yours as you continue on in your fight! God bless!

    • Thank you so much for this additional information! God’s blessings on your journey of adoption!! There is nothing that matters more than showing the Love of our precious Savior to children!

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