Little four year old boy in NJ needs a home willing to continue ABA therapy

This little boy from NJ is still needing a family!! His first family would love to have a placement soon for him! The family needs to be current with their homestudy and clearances and will continue with his autism therapies… Maybe he could be at YOUR house looking for his Easter basket!! And painting eggs… and learning to swim…going on vacation…and bonding with YOU!! Please contact for more information!

Brownswissmomma's Blog

new jerseyA little boy in NJ is being placed by his first parents. His momma has some health problems and the parents are placing their little boy. He is of India descent.

Their little boy is currently in ABA therapy, having autism. He is very bright, high functioning and tests at age level developmentally. He has OCD behaviors and lines up his toys. He needs help transitioning. His parents are looking for a family that will continue with the ABA therapy that has been extremely beneficial to their son. (ABA therapy is usually readily available. It is a common behavioral and communication therapy for children with autism.)

picture is MY son with autism lining up his cars 🙂DSCN7218

He likes to line up cars and use play doh. He interacts well with other children and enjoys it! His family has no worries about him being placed in a family with other children…

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