8 Month old Baby Boy Needs a Family

8 month tie

Oh sweet one…


A loving family in a southern state is looking for a family with which to place their Caucasian 8 month old baby boy who had a diffuse hypoxic brain injury and has a genetic difference. After suffering a brain injury, he has remained on anti-seizure medication. He has shown some improvement recently and will need continued therapy. He has a feeding tube, no trach and is in a southern state.


Fees are approximately $9000, this includes everything except finalization, travel and post placements.

Help with subsidy assistance application is available with the placement of this very special little one.

If you are homestudy ready and this little one sounds like a possible Match for your family;

contact sara@specialangelsadoption.org

Master of the Wind

And please if this is NOT your little boy, share so his family can find him… and PRAY for his first family who love him so much and for his future family…and for this little boy, that he would heal and grow and learn and love… always



3 comments on “8 Month old Baby Boy Needs a Family

    • I am not sure if you are homestudy ready or not… if not, you need to begin the process by being approved to adopt!! Then it begins!! you can send your profile to situations such as this one and hopefully be selected by the placing parents!

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