Christian adoptive families needed for : baby due in June, July and a two year old girl!!

A Little Bit of Heaven needs several traditional families to show to a Christian Agency that has several available AA situations; you must attend church and be able to get a Statement of faith signed.


  • A baby Unknown Gender, AA due in June, Showing Sunday. Need profiles TODAY Est cost $28,000-$30,000

  • Baby of Unknown Gender, AA, Due in July  Est cost $28,00-$30,000.

  •  2 yr old, little Girl, AA, ready now for her family. Showing Monday. Est fee is $23,000-$25,000

To be shown, you must register with A Little Bit of Heaven  or  Call  Betty 740-250-3625 if interested


If these situations do not Match your family, please share… and if they DO 🙂

Pray always, especially for the little girl, who will be transitioning into a new home.



22 comments on “Christian adoptive families needed for : baby due in June, July and a two year old girl!!

  1. Why is it so expensive to adopt? More kids would have loving homes if people could afford to adopt them 😕 My dream is to adopt one day. Just wish it didn’t cost to help out a child

      • What about those of us who were failed by our states system and can’t choose to adopt from fostercare? Our state refuses to work with us so that my husband can attend the required classes. Pretty sad that a man who has never in his life had a penny of assistance, works sometimes 60 plus hours a week to take care of his family, is told that he is out of luck because his work schedule does not permit him to be in a class every wednesday night for six weeks. When asked about the weekend classes they tell us those are only for people adopting family members so we are not eligible.
        So yeah nothing in life is free, but I truly feel like the price of adoption is outlandish and insult to injury for those of us who have already lost something as important as our fertility.

      • I am sorry your county could not work with you. The cost of adoption is high, but it does cost the agencies too. Advertising is very expensive. Paying salaries, the times when no placements happen and staff still works fielding phone calls. The ungodly hours many of these agency workers work…The licensing, the overhead for office space/travel…it all adds up… the momma’s the agencies spend lots of time with that decide not to place … these are private agencies and their time is not reimbursed by any state or government fund, nor is their travel and vehicle cost. You see the cost for one adoption… now that I see how things work I see the cost for counseling three other mothers that never place along with all the overhead cost. It is a business.

      • It shouldn’t cost more to adopt then to abort! I’m adopted and my husband is adopted and he adopted my daughter.

    • you would have to contact Betty. The referral services or agencies contact me and give me the information cleared to share. For more information; you need to call or email. Thank you!

      • Fees are due at the time of placement. We called. Also, just know that this agency will only work with a couple religions. Sadly, we are ready to adopt and they will not work with our Christian faith ☹️ There is also a $500 fee to the referral agency and this is non refundable if you are not chosen.

      • We contacted this agency and there is a $500 referral fee due up front and it is not refundable if not selected. Also, know that this agency only works with a couple Christian faiths ☹️ Sadly our Christian faith is not one of them… The fee for the 2 year old is actually $25,000 minimum and the other two infant situations are closer to $35,000 at time of placement.

  2. I m to old to adopt ,now my health is not good but I am a grandma of one graddaughter thats still here on earth, my daughter losed a daughter, and twin boys, let me tell you they would love to adopt, but my daughter daughter would love to have a sister or brother so she would not be by herself. so any one that has a boy or girl thats not very bad ,handicap or got bad health problem,let them know,

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