Family needed for Baby Due Late Aug early Sept

Update 5/30/16  :

A bundle of Joy Informed me… They have ENOUGH families to present to this birth momma!! Thank you so much for Sharing and Praying!gender unknown
A Bundle of Joy is networking with an agency seeking a traditional potential adoptive family for a Caucasian baby of unknown gender due in late Aug/early September.  The expectant mother is receiving methadone treatment. The fees for this opportunity are more expensive than they typically are due to the methadone treatment and extra care this momma needs. This is the expectant mother’s fourth pregnancy and will be her fourth adoption. The agency and the expectant family are located in the Midwest part of the US.

unknown gender

 Fees are $43,000
includes finalization.
For more information, please contact:
A Bundle of Joy

heavens rejoice

If this expected little bundle is not your baby, please share… and pray for the expectant parents and the future adoptive family.



128 comments on “Family needed for Baby Due Late Aug early Sept

      • adopting an animal is not a legal placement of a human that is to be your legal son or daughter. Obviously there are much more stringent requirements not only for the adopting family but the placing agency, lawyer etc.

    • Please don’t exchange any money until you know it’s real. I have heard of scams going on. Jus saying…

    • May I suggest that if you are able to adopt this little one or really any newborn, that you do some research on prenatally exposed infants. They are very special and very fragile. A lot of exposed babies come out looking perfect so their issues are sometimes missed and left untreated.
      I did foster care and specialized in prenaltally exposed newborns. I care for 13 of these special little ones. There is lots of info out there please be prepared. It is rough in the beginning but it does get better. I adopted one of my foster babies. She is now 17 and is doing marvelous. But it took lots of hard work in those first few years but oh so worth it.
      I suggest that you look up Dr. Ira Chasnoff. He is the worlds leading Doctor on prenatally exposed infants. God Bless

    • Nicu nurse here. Just so you are aware this precious baby will be in the NICU for a period of anywhere from 2 weeks to as much as 3 months for withdrawal treatment from the methadone. So be prepared for a stay in the hospital once he or she arrives.

  1. How Many More Yall GONNA Let Her HAVE FOR Your Agency While She’s On meth??? Shame shame talk her into tying her stuff up!!!

  2. Why is it that it’s just $200, if that to kill one but it’s $30,000+ to give women & men who struggle with fertility or cannot have one & would love a child more than anything in this world have to pay out the butt?! I don’t agree with the cost of adoption!

  3. You know i would love to give a child like this a home. Normal people cant afford it. The baby will have its own medical expenses. Why would someone have to pay this.

  4. My son and his wife want a baby so badly they have the good jobs and the nice house but have mercy, where in the is a good young couple in their mid 30’s going to,get,$43,000.00 to,adopt ?????

  5. Plus babies born addicted to methadone will need to continue having methadone treatments and slowly weaned off. Although, I do NOT see how the mothers methadone treatments are the responsibility of the adopting family…that’s a treatment that she can receive for free through the state. Praying for this sweet baby.😕

  6. Wow. 4th pregnancy, 4th adoption? Is the mother receiving counseling and other assistance ? How is this not human trafficking?

  7. What about truly helping this mother who sounds absolutely desparate? $40,000 could go some way to paying for an effective residential treatment program, some of which will now let baby to stay with mother. I think you must know that if you take yet a fourth baby from this vulnerable woman, she is unlikely to be successful in treatment. Please, just look at the information available on adoption loss. If the mother simply cannot do it, regardless of opportunities available to her, please help her to research her extended family in which there may be someone willing and able to embrace this child or the mother and her child together.
    Regardless, plans cannot be made until after the baby’s birth and the mother’s recovery. In every state that I know of, adoption is not legal before birth. And both the National Association of Social Workers and the Child Welfare Association would advise such. Give them some time. Tell this woman that she can find the support she needs to continue treatment and raise her baby. Tell her that she is the mother and she is the best person for her baby. Build her up; do not side with her probable denial, self hatred, lack of hope and lack of information.

  8. Anyone looking to do this should do some really good research. This is one of the biggest and most heartbreaking scams around. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before one dime changes hands…

  9. I’ve seen what methodone does to a baby, baby needs to be monitored all the time, as baby is going to have withdrawal symptoms of methodone. Be prepared for more than what is initially being paid. And best wishes for those parents who will adopt this precious child.

  10. I am an RN who has taken care of babies born addicted to methadone. They have to go through a detox to keep them from going into withdrawals. This can take several weeks to several months and they are usually irritable, have feeding problems, and other problems. Just want any family considering adoption to be aware these aren’t easy babies to care for,

  11. We are very interested and would love to meet the momma if she would like to meet us. We are healthcare professionals and very much want a baby that we are unable to have. Please contact us for any questions or for more information.

  12. I wish I could still have kids. This adoption price now days is rediculous. We would love to have another child but could never see or even think about this much money. PRAYERS FOR THE CHILD

  13. Bless you for this. And bless the mommy! She is a brave soul. You have no idea how bad I wish I could speak to her! If I can, even just through a simple message, please let me know. This really hits home for me… Prayers and love!

  14. I would love to do this and adopt however I can not afford that much money. We would love to bring another child into our home

  15. he adoption attorneys and agencies that do business (yes, this selling of infants is a BUSINESS) in this county work like this:
    1) Hang out at methodone clinics and solicit pregnant women
    2) Put the mothers on a weekly payroll
    3) Meet them at the methodone clinic on a specific day of the week with a large van and pick them up and bring them to the agency and provide their weekly ‘paycheck’ and then return them to the clinic so they can pay for their upcoming weeks doses.
    They take advantage of these pregnant mothers, and never offer them support. Also, if the mothers think they are going to change their mind and parent their children, the agencies threaten them with jail because they ‘committed fraud by taking money from them and accusing them of never planning on going through with the adoption in the first place’, then, they file a lawsuit against the mothers for the ‘fees’ that they paid her – which, by Florida state statutes is ILLEGAL! The issue is……..there are no state statutes detailing what the punishment is for the attorneys and agencies who act so unethically and immorally.

  16. Outrageous, she chose to do drugs and to get pregnant again. Meanwhile I can’t have another child and would love to.

  17. I’d like more information about this, because there seems to be some critical information that isn’t being shared. There should be no need to raise funds of this magnitude to ensure that a nice adoptive home/family is found for this baby. Adoption through foster care is generally free with NO fees. I myself recently adopted (by recently, I mean THIS year, 2016) through the foster care system. The agency charged NO FEES. The lawyer’s fees were covered by the state agency, there were NO FEES for me as the adoptive parent to pay for. The costs I had to pay for were incidental – about $20 for a copy of a birth certificate, and about $100 +/- for a physical exam because my health insurance didn’t cover it, just to prove that I’m in reasonably good health as an adopter. So about $120 or so to adopt through foster care. Why is this adoption going to run $43,000? If the mom is dead-set on giving up this baby, there are many foster-to-adopt parents who would love to have a baby, and without having to raise all kinds of money.

  18. So you are basically selling a baby that is/was addicted to drugs SNF will have a lot of problems. Shame on you!

    • angela, I am just a mom with a blog. I am not an agency. Thank you for your concern about trafficking. Please research adoption vs. trafficking.

  19. Does this $43,000 include a match or facilitator fee? If so beware potential adoptive families…this could be illegal in the state you live. For example, I believe the State of Virginia does not allow you to pay a facilitator fee; they used to not allow it. No one should make money off matching you with a birth mom. They can make money off of providing child studies, educating you on adoption etc.. But not for strictly connecting you. Its wrong, potentially illegal in some state and just plain immoral. Think about it!

  20. Why not just a family to love and protect them? The mother likely caused this baby to be on methodone which speaks volumes ofer her character and choices…. traditional family means many things in this day and age

  21. We would live to adopt this baby and provide a secure, loving forever home with endless opportunities if given the chance. We’ve lost seven of our own, including a set of twins last September. Unfortunately we don’t have 43,000.00. Is there anything you can do to help us make this happen?

  22. All of you willing to pay 43k for a baby should go be foster parents and put your money toward their college educations. This feels like a scam. you can adopt overseas for this amount. That mom is eligible for Medicaid for the methodone treatment. I wish whoever the best but , this child should be surrendered to DHS and then placed with a licensed Foster family that can then adopt the baby.

  23. I would love to adopt this precious gift, but there is NO way I can pay $43,000!!!!!! This has to be a joke!!

  24. How sad that a woman who is giving up her 4th child for adoption has the audacity to insist on a “traditional” family. There are innumerable couples who may not fit that definition but would provide a loving, stable home for this bundle of joy.

  25. Why do they make it so hard and expensive to adopt a baby? If a loving person wants to adopt a child it should be free! Not a hardship or impossible!

  26. So it’ll cost someone $43,000 to adopt this baby?! I hope I am mis-reading this. Who does the money go to? The mom, who is on drugs and having her fourth child put up for adoption?? Surely she has a medical card, so there are no medical fees.

  27. We would so love to have this baby be part of our loving happy family. Is there a way to get financial help or financing? We are unable to have our own baby and this would be a dream come true. I am also a nurse so would be able to care for all the needs of this beautiful bundle of joy.

  28. There are many willing good families who would raise any of these children but simply cannot afford to pay such a price just to adopt a child that would obviously benefit the child, but the cost keeps good family’s from adopting children at all.

  29. i highly wish adoption fees went so expensive. My husband an I can’t have children. It would be a dream come to adopt.

  30. Why is it more expensive to save a life than it would be to end this “bundle of joys” life?! There are alot of loving g people that would love nothing better than to raise this child as their own but couldn’t come up with that large of amount of money at once.

  31. Please contact me! My husband and I are very interested in bringing this bundle of joy into our family!

  32. $43K for helping a child have a good life? No wonder so many kids can’t find good homes. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the price for helping people is beyond the reach of your average person.

  33. Wow….$43,000 for her drug addiction? I have fostered children and God blessed us with one we adopted, costing only $1200 for our lawyer. THIS is why so many unwanted children are overlooked, because of price tags. You would think by her fourth child CPS would have stepped in by now. This is absolutely absurd. That poor baby should be taken the moment it is born, and GIVEN to a family who prays to be able to become a parent. Smdh.

      • Because you are having to pay for HER drug treatment. Mom gets treatment long enough to make sure the baby is healthy then she goes back out and gets strung out again, gets knocked up, and goes through the same thing again. CPS needs to do something and put an IUD in this girl or some other form of birth control. These children are pre-exposed to the drugs because she gets pregnant while using.

    • Getting controlled treatment for an issue by a doctor isn’t against the law. She isn’t doing street drugs she has a prescription. There is a huge difference.

    • “Unwanted”?? For someone who has adopted I think you may need some counselling on how refer to adopted children. Please never tell your adopted child that they were “unwanted”. Signed an adoptee!!

    • I’ve been a foster child for years due to my family circumstances at one point. But just because you paid $1200 does not mean that’s the set price. You would think CPS would have something to say to you about your non intelligent comment. And to say that the baby should be GIvEN to some other family who PRAYS they are a better parent. You deserve so much for that. I don’t understand why you are on here if you just want to throw shit on this woman’s name. You don’t think that the child will be able to see this one day? Bottom line… You don’t know the full story to this. So don’t you dare as a foster parent act like your input matters. Go talk to CPS about what you have going on. Don’t know why you’re even commenting if you’re not interested. God bless those children you have fostering.

    • Amen to that one! Mom must like the arrangements she benefits to keep doing this over and over. Repeat behavior is rewarded I guess!

    • CPS cannot step in until the child is born. If an adoption plan is in place they will not take the child.

    • UNWANTED?? Wow as an adopter I would think you would choose your words more wisely. NEVER refer to us adoptee’s as “unwanted” and please educate yourself prior to talking about adoption to your children. Very ugly words!!!
      Signed an adoptee!!

      • I am allowing this comment to go through, but be aware, you are way out of line. This momma, and any person deserves more respect than you give with this comment. She is a woman who deserves mercy and grace.

      • many times this is the birth family’s choice. They have a right to place with a family that they wish. Some specify traditional family, some specify same sex family, some single mom, some dont care… the agency has to do their best to find a family that meets the birth family’s criteria.

  34. If interested in adopting this child, you may want to read up on the federal CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act) law in regards to substance exposed infants. Some states are interpreting the law to mean they should accept reports and initiate child protective services involvement even if the substance was used by the pregnant mother while under a doctor’s care.

    Methadone is not “meth”; it is a prescription given to treat an opiate/opioid addiction.

      • It might be legal but it doesn’t make it right. This is human trafficking and the “mother” should be forced to have her tubes tied. Four pregancies… four “adoptions”… looks like someone figured out how to exploit the “law”. There are several agencies that provide free drug addiction treatment and government programs that provide free care for expectant mothers. Not to mention all the programs that help with food, shelter,electricity. So what exactly is the $43,000 for again…..???

      • human trafficking is a huge charge to make and a violation of law. This is NOT that. I am just sharing not profiting 🙂 Not all mommas qualify for all of the government programs you mention.

      • No its not. You cannot adopt a child that will be detoxing off of any drug. The hospital will call in dhs as soon as they run the bloodwork. 46000 is ridiculous.. I may as well have my tube untied for 5000 and have some more. You people that condone this type of crap is what is wrong with the world

      • This is untrue. Even states that prosecute, if an adoption plan is in place they allow it to proceed. Please do not refer to me as “you people”. You do not know me. And adoption is something that is right with the world!!

      • Legal or not, the adoptive parents should not be covering the cost of the mothers drug addiction medication. People “buy” babies all the time through legal adoption, which is perfectly acceptable. To have to cover any medical care outside of the prenatal/delivery care is unacceptable. Sounds like she is likely on Medicaid, let them pay for it.

      • I am confused and don’t know much about adoption. Found this post by accident. Please explain. Why would a family who wants to adopt be responsible for medical needs of birth mother. Why not the government via medicaid? Then when CPS receives the unwanted baby, they should give it to the best family, who only pays for attorney adoption fees. Please explain how adoption normally works ?

      • If the baby is born and CPS is involved, the child goes into foster care and that care, legal fees, medical fees are paid by the government (us through our taxes)… the child probably in most cases is not eligible for adoption for at least a year… at that time the county looks at family, the foster family and if not a match only then looks outside into the general population… this search takes quite a few months including interviews with eligible families etc… then a transition time, a six month time at least while the child is in your home before scheduling an adoption… so some birth families do NOT want this long drawn out adoption process for their child and choose instead this route!! But as a result nothing is paid by CYS all is paid by the adoptive family. Hope that helps.

      • Doesn’t matter. Still sounds like baby selling–there are so many things wrong with the way this has been posted.

      • Sallie, sorry there is absolutely no GOOD way to post that a child is being born, will need a home, and define the possible expected needs. This is Absolutely NOT baby selling. Thank you. Many fees are involved with adoption, you would be so surprised to see how quickly they add up.

  35. I can not understand this at all I had my first child at 17/18 the dad was 16/17 we have had 3 kids together now 34 and 33 no matter the age we was we took care of our baby no matter the stuff we had to give up.. I was never on meth never even tried nothing as a teen other then smoking a joint but as soon as I fount out I was pregnant with my first baby I never touched the stuff again and still till this day have never done nothing.. Live is to short why mess it up with drugs I do not care how bad your problems are I was basically taking care of myself from the age of 15 but I was smart enough to know drugs don’t fix nothing just makes them worse on you and your little bundles of joy.. I had my last child in 2004 and had my tubes tied but honestly if I was not 34 and didn’t have get fixed I would have loved to share the joy of babies with others by being a surrogate mother for someone who is not able to have the joy to.. I feel so sorry for all these babies.. 😦

    • What does meth have to do with this?? Meth (methamphetamine) & methadone are 2 completely different drug classifications. Meth is a stimulant whereas methadone is used to treat opiate withdrawal/addiction as well as to treat severe, chronic pain conditions in some cases.

  36. My adopted daughter was born at 27 weeks gestation, 1 lb 13 oz, addicted to methadone. It took her a couple years to catch up, every milestone was months behind; but she is a healthy and incredibly beautiful little seven year old now. Many prayers for this child and the parents who get her 🙂

  37. This is outrageous to charge for a Baby so sad where so does the money go 43,000 Oh my goodness what is the money used for so many people out there taking advantage of situations I would hope ur not doing wrong

  38. I hope ur not doing something coruptiive with illegal 43,000 is for what please explain where the money is going. Shame on you where’s the money goin

    • there are many costs with adoption. It is a legal process. Sometimes medical expenses need to be paid, counseling, legal, travel for the agency, phone and office costs, hours and hours of being a mediator… it is divided among different expenses and it all adds up. This adoption is higher priced than some but not as much as others. I am just a mom with a blog and get NOTHING from posting, just getting the word out so families can find each other.

    • she is a birth momma, just like adoptive mommas are adoptive mommas. Need to write in a way that differentiates the two mommas 🙂 just a way to do that… and they are both mommas!!

  39. My husband and I would love to adopt your sweet baby!! Unfortunately I can not have anymore children!! My husband I have no children together and we would love nothing more to have a baby together. We have been wanting to adopt a baby for awhile!! And would love to give your baby a loving caring home!! He or she will have a big sister who has been wanting to be a big sister for awhile now!! Praying for you and the baby!!


  40. Hi, We are a couple seeking to adopt in Florida. Is it too late to inquire about this sweet child? We are willing to travel and have an Adoption Attorney. I would love to know more about your agency as well for future potential matches. I will leave my email in the secure email area and hope to hear from you. Many prayers for the baby girl and hopes she finds the perfect forever family, even if it isn’t my husband and me. Thank-you.
    Catie Smith

  41. I feel sorry for the baby. The baby didn’t ask for this he/she is just her bless it’s heart. The mom on the other hand knew she was pregnant and what Medicne she could and couldn’t take and did it any way. But it is not entirely the mother’s fault and a lot of your are going to read this and say how can she say that believe me she is plenty at fault but cps knew what she was doing she had four kids that she has put up for adoption they should have stepped in and made her tie her tubes put her in rehab or something. I have two children of my own that I love very much and I do the best I can raising them me and there dad and I would love to help this baby but how are we suppose to help when you want $43,000! That’s crazy and it sounds like u are trying to do something illegal. You say all the time we need help with this child or that child adopt this one or that one how can people do that when you charge them anywhere from $1200 to $43,000 if you want help and good homes for this babies then you need to do it where it doesn’t cost! It’s crazy and ridiculous!

    • This is a legal adoption. If you have been in the adoption world and are home study ready. You would see, as stated, this adoption is a little higher cost than average, but not by much. Unfortunately, adoption not done through foster care, is very expensive.

  42. That’s dad that ur putting ur drug habitts before ur child I’m sorry I have got a five month old little girl I would not ever do that to my baby or no one esles babie

  43. Is there a way to have the fees covered? I am a widowed young woman, and as of right now, cannot have children. I would love to adopt this baby, however do not have a way to cover that much money between now and then.

  44. What is a ‘traditional’ family? Anyone who has the means and the desire to raise a child … Correct? You wouldn’t be excluding loving same-sex couples for some bigoted concept of the ‘perfect’ family … Would you?

    • Annie, if you have been following my blog at all… you will see the birth family sets the criteria. Some situations the birth family wants traditional, sometimes same sex, sometimes single mother, some dont care… the birth family looks at profiles and picks the family they desire…it is up to them. In this case they are collecting traditional family profiles because that is the family that is CHOOSING … their desire. Thank you.

  45. Oh my goodness!!! I would welcome this little bundle of joy into our family.. Everyone deserves a fair start in life 😘

  46. If you are on methadone that means you are in recovery. Why are you taking this woman’s babies ensuring that she will be so damaged that she may never fully recover. You people are CHILD TRAFFICKERS. And religious nutters.

    • That is a harsh charge. Adoption is a LEGAL process… Child trafficking is illegal and under the radar. So… please do rethink your wording. I am just a mom with a blog. Thank you.

  47. We have a nice home but we’re not young, I have five grandchildren and three great grandchildren, would love to adopt but we could never afford 43,000.

  48. Why isn’t the state paying for her drug treatment? Who in their right mind would pay for her treatment? She should be sterilized! Why is she now having #4 that will be addicted to Methadone? Someone dropped the ball here or this is a scam! BS from VT!

    • Sorry not a scam. And the state does not always pay depends on her individual situation. The choices she makes with HER body are HER choices.

  49. Me and my husband has been trying for over 8 months for a baby. We still have not got pregnant. There is a lot of babies out there who needs a home and we want to give a baby a home. A lot of places look to see how much money you make but if you can provide for a baby you should be able to have one. As long as we can Feed care and cloth a child and love like no other we should be able to have a baby.. we love kids we have an 8 year old and a 17 year old and we love them with all our hearts.. we got married on Feb. 6 2016 but we have been together over 1 year. All we want is a baby to love and care for like we do our other children every child needs someone to love them even if it is not there real parents we would treat it as if we had the baby. God please I pray put a baby into our life and we will love as our own. This child will never need for nothing and will be love unconditionally from a mother and father that’s wants a baby.. in Jesus I pray amen.

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