Connecticut Family Needed


The National Down syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN) is urgently seeking a family who lives in Connecticut who has a current homestudy and MAPP training. Does NOT require a foster care homestudy, just the MAPP training. The homestudy could be an agency or licensed social worker homestudy as long as the MAPP training is completed.

There is a 17 year old girl who is waiting for her special home. She has Down syndrome and is in foster care. She is still “legal risk” but will not be returned to her biological parents. ( Some states or counties wait for an identified placement before they terminate parental rights). She is considered “Medically fragile” because she has diabetes and requires 5-7 insulin shots per day. Please only CT families!! She has no preferences for family make up and neither does the state.

If this young lady sounds like a great fit for YOUR family ;

contact Stephanie at ndsan dot org : for more information!


If she is NOT a good match for YOUR family, please share so she can find a family that will love her forever. I know she had a perfect family, but they just need to find each other!!




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