Family needed for a baby boy due in September 2016

Not very often do I say this, but at the request of the referral agency. Please do not share publically on social media! You can share privately or by email only!texas (2)Some family has been waiting for this little one!! This baby is a BOY! The baby is due in early September in Texas!! The expectant father is known and supports the adoption plan. The prospective birth father has a diagnosis of bipolar and schizophrenia that is managed by daily medication.


This little blessing will be 3/4 African American and 1/4 Caucasian. The expectant family is requesting an adoptive family that is either a single parent or a traditional family. They are not open to same sex couples.

Profiles need to be sent by 7/6/2016 so there is a bit of urgency with this situation!!

Fees: estimated at $21,350.00 (estimated because birth parent expenses have not been fully determined) Finalization is in TX and the legal fee is included with fee estimate, but needs paid at placement. All the other fees (including the birth parent expenses) will be paid at match.

If you are homestudy READY and financially prepared, contact:

As mentioned before, please feel free to share privately or through email, just not on social media!! Thank you so much!

thCF4POHJD Esther



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