Families needed for 7 adoption domestic adoption situations!

Special Angels Adoption


Has an urgent need for homestudy ready families for 7 domestic ( right here in the US) situations. Special Angels is working directly with the birth families of these little ones. These situations are not fost-adoptions. These little ones are waiting for families that will encourage them to reach their full potential; that will celebrate every small and large victory; and will love them forever.

I know there are MANY families that are waiting and their hearts are drawn to the special ones…the ones who wait a bit longer, the ones who need a bit more…the ones who show love in their own way…. If you have a homestudy that approves you to adopt children or infants with special needs; if you are financially ready,  Sara from Special Angels adoption would LOVE to hear from you!!


  •  1. baby girl born very premature with a brain bleed and hydrachepalus

  •  2. baby girl born a little early with microcephaly and other brain issues

  •  3. baby boy with hydrocephalus and brain bleed

  •  4. 4 year old boy with developmental delays of unknown cause

  •  5. 4 year old boy with hydrocephalus and septo-optic dysplasia

  •  6. 6 year old boy with Angelman syndrome

  •  7. 8 year old boy that is blind

Most of these situations are being directly placed by Special  Angels adoption. These situations have a set fee of $8500 which includes TPR and ICPC and placement fees;

post placement, travel and finalization will be extra unless you live in OH.

Ohio families this fee would also include finalization.

If any of these babies or children make your heart jump…make you want to reach for the phone or email… more information is available:

contact sara@specialangelsadoption.org 

she is waiting to have families to MATCH with these little ones.

IF you do not have a current homestudy or are thinking you need to amend your homestudy to include children or babies with special needs: When you are ready… contact Sara; she always needs families!!  In some states if you have a foster/adoption homestudy you MAY be able to purchase it. However, in some states and homestudies completed through some foster/adopt agencies this is not an option. So find OUT if this is an option BEFORE you contact sara!

If these children and babies are not a good match for your family;

you can HELP by sharing!!

Thank you all so much for helping to find families for these little ones !!




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