URGENT Four month old baby boy in a SE state needs a special family


This little guy is biracial and was born in a SE state in the US. He is now approximately four months old. During his premature birth, he experienced some trauma that resulted in a grade 4 intraventricular hemorrhage. He currently has a VENTRICULAR-PERITONEAL shunt due to hydrocephalus. He has seizures that are being controlled by medication. He is 4 months old ( 2 months adjusted) and is growing well. He is having trouble currently with acid reflux. Due to his traumatic birth injury and subsequent hemorrhage, he is at risk for moderate to severe cerebral palsy.



The birth parents have no special requests as to what family they are looking for; so, if you have been waiting for a little boy to love, he may be waiting just for YOU!  The birth parents do wish for an open adoption! Sara from Special Angels Adoption has pictures and a video of this little guy to share with families that are homestudy ready and sign the non disclosure agreement with Special Angels ( there is NO FEE to sign this agreement).


This situation is being directly placed through Special  Angels adoption. There is  a set fee of $8500 if you are selected by the family which includes TPR and ICPC and placement fees;

post placement, travel fees are not included in the above fee.

Ohio families: this fee would also include finalization. Families from other states, finalization is extra.

 For more information about this little baby boy;

contact:  sara@specialangelsadoption.org 

If he is not your little guy, please pray for this little one and his birth family! And share! I KNOW his adoptive family is just waiting to hear about him!!



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