Two older boys need special homes

The need for a family does not go away just because the children are older. As I well know, no matter how OLD I am, family gives me a sense of belonging and accountability. These two boys are older, and if they were younger, families would be lining up to say YES… please read and consider them…

western US

This young boy is only 6. He has been diagnosed with Angelman syndrome. He can say a few words and communicate with pointing and grunts. He walks and loves to take baths. He can feed himself but has trouble with utensils. He is healthy and does not require any medication!

He is not potty trained. He hates when someone takes things from him and gets scared when he is somewhere unfamiliar with noises he can’t understand.

He likes toys that light up and closing and opening doors. If you have a trampoline and love to go outside, he would enjoy being  with you!! He takes pleasure in riding in the car.

HE is in the NORTH WEST… and WAITING!!

(Gosh, he is one that … yep, I would be saying YES to… can’t stand it…. so someone has to say YES for me 🙂

An Eleven year old boy is waiting with suspected FAS and/or autism. He is not diagnosed with either, but his family says he has trouble with cause and effect and struggles socially. This child needs a family to help him learn social behavior. He is NOT violent and does NOT have rages. He has to be supervised since he gets into things without understanding whether they are safe or not. He plays with younger children that are the same emotional and social age as he is… He is small for his age.

He has an IEP in school. His family lives where there are not services to help their son. Also, the school is very small and, even though an IEP is in place, they do not have the staff to give him what he needs.

He loves to climb trees, play video games and swim… He also is described as a great helper 🙂

He is located in the NE part of the US.


The fees for both adoptions, through Special Angels adoption are each $8300.00,

including legal fees, ICPC, counseling and social work

and any work needed to help the families apply for subsidies.

Families from NY CAN apply if they do not need subsidy assistance.

Contact:  or

Think, pray and either apply or SHARE so these little guys can find their HOMES!! So they can live, grow and be loved forever.



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