Sometimes the answer to a prayer is a rope and chain

I was cleaning in the cellar while the littles were napping. Faith was folding clothes, Mazie and Benjamin were watching The Pink Panther, and Shyloh was picking apples in the fence. I sent Mazie out with a load of pipes to take to Ray’s garage. We heard what sounded like some neighbor kids yelling, and did not pay much attention. There was one long pvc water pipe that was light…Eli had gotten out of bed, so I gave it to him to carry…it was very long and he was having trouble getting it through the gate, so I went to help. The yelling was louder. I threw the pipe in the garage, Eli ran around the corner of the garage and yelled something that sounded like Shyloh and cow…. I ran. I saw that mean heifer ,full grown, had Shyloh pinned to the ground. She was in the fetal position screaming, cradling her glasses…the cow was pushing full bore from a kneeling position, twisting her head into shyloh’s hip. I yelled to Mazie, tell Dad to bring the gun and I took up the hill. I had nothing in my hand. I had nothing, no weapon…I was praying, “please God, I need something…and partway up the hill, God provided THIS:

Rusty old tie down

I thanked God with tears in my eyes as I continued to charge up the hill. Shyloh was still screaming but now I had the heifer’s attention. I was in a defensive position, being down the hill from her as she began to move toward me. I swung the rope with the metal end toward her and cracked her in the left nostril …she kept coming I swung again and again..she was not coming closer, but not leaving either. With my eyes on her, I told Shy to stand UP if she could and get her club. She had taken a club with her to pick the apples but when she laid it down to pick one, the heifer had charged her. I told Shyloh to get behind me…and as we tried to keep the high ground, Ray and Ian showed up, without the gun, but now with the extra help, they herded the cow to the pen and I got Shyloh out of there….God protected her, God provided that rope and metal tie down right in front of me…without that, it could have been a much different story.

imageI took Shyloh to the ER. They did. contrast CT scan to be sure her kidney was ok and she was not bleeding internally since she had a deep bruise on her back and tons of contusions and scratches there. Thank God that was clear. The first reading of the X-ray on her arm that the cow stepped on, they missed the fracture of her left I had to take her back in later for the sling and splint…God how scary…a hamburger anyone?? I was one scared and dirty momma…And our Shy, pray for her…it really shook her up.


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