Family needed for a 4 year old boy

In a Pacific Northwestern state, a four year old boy with global developmental delays needs an adoptive home. Both of his birthparents agree that placement is in his best interest due to some recent changes in their family. He is Caucasian and has a special kind of sunshine smile that melts your heart. He is working on potty training and beginning to learn signed language for communication. This little guy will be transitioned into his new home quickly once a family is found since the momma is getting overwhelmed. The agency for this placement is Special Angels Adoptions and they would LOVE to speak to any interested families!!

10492276_302967853217775_1916457839366216664_n[1]Please email: 


 for more information!

If this precious child of God is not your little boy, please share so he can find his family very, very soon.

Pray for the birth family who has decided to place him into a new loving home, and pray for the little guy during his transition…and for the families who will decide whether to say YES or no. Please do consider saying yes…




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