Traditional Family needed for baby due December 2016


A mother is expecting a little baby in December that will be Caucasian or Caucasian/Hispanic.  The expectant mother denies the use of drugs, alcohol and any mental illness.  A Bundle of Joy Referral is looking for a family that will meet the expectant mother’s requests:

  • A traditional adoptive couple
  • An adoptive family that will commit to a semi-open or open adoption


  • Agency fee: $25,000(includes birth mother expenses)
  • Legal(includes finalization) $3000-$5000
  • A Bundle of Joy Referral Fee: $1,500

Please respond to this opportunity on or before Friday, September 16,2016 Noon EST with a YES or NO response if you would like to be considered!

Please only contact ABOJ if you are serious:

or call: (877)890-5266


If this is not your baby, please share so the expectant mom can find the family  in whose arms she wishes to place her precious little one. If this situation MEETS your criteria: please Call or email 🙂 Pray for the expectant momma, this is the hardest decision in the world.






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