no one tells you how to balance

So much information : medications, chemotherapy,  procedures, parenting, potty training….but no one ever tells you how to balance it all…That’s because there is no good answer. How  do you make reservations for a family trip, the IDSC ( international Down syndrome Coalition) which we only planned on staying two nights, to a place that the littles love…and they talk about it for months, since Janaury!! and then Ray gets sick…not horribly sick but a cold…

So your choices are:

  • stay home and the kids don’t get to go … again…
  • or go one night alone with the kids and leave Ray at home with strict instructions and half disappoint the kids by shortening he vacation, and make the most of it…

bridge that gap somehow…

The hardest part of last year was getting to the point of acknowledging this is our new normal…this is our life…and thank God I got back in time. I drove home from Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, a five hour drive, and was home by 8:00 pm through a beautiful sunset…just beautiful …

Things went downhill fast tonight. He got the chills. I put two blankets on him. Tried to take his temp and he threw the thermometer across the room…began to talk nonsense. I asked him, “do you think you will be ok?” He said …” I think we can cut it and win.” at that point I bundled him up and we went out in the pouring rain. The only regret is I should have called the ambulance.  Here we are in the ER being admitted with pneumonia. and…did I balance it right this time? I don’t know. No matter what I do, part of my decisions always seem right and part of. them wrong. All I do is keep breathing, keep swimming and most importantly, keep the Faith…Pray that Ray gets better really soon!!!


Bu my God shall supply your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 … And Carol, see we NEEDED that food you sent yesterday…I have a list a mile long and now food is NOT on it!! Thank YOU!!



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