Multiple situations of Children not in foster care, aged 4-11 in the US that need families!

As babies are being placed, desired, and sought with special needs, children that are a little older wait…and wait…and wait. Lots of families want to adopt…infants…. But doesn’t EVERY child need a family?? I know some families do not feel equipped to jump right in there and bond with little people that are already partially formed, partially grown… but just read and consider these situations anyway!! Pray for them, pray for their families to find them…and pray and just see if your heart is drawn to any of them…who knows… just maybe one of these situations is YOURS!!

10492276_302967853217775_1916457839366216664_n[1]These situations are all through Special Angels Adoptions…either directly or they are the mediatory agent between the adopting parents and the placing agency… There is NO fee to be presented or to be on Special Angels’ registry of families.

The Pacific Western States:

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  • 1. A four year old Boy that has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and septo-optic dysplasia that is not as severe as the doctors expected. This little guy has a feeding tube because of reflux and currently does not take any food by mouth. He has been scooting 😀 and may soon walk even though he has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy! He is stable medically and has no current issues with the ventricular shunt. He is Happy and loves to babble!! and is a redhead !! He currently is on medication to control seizures. He is developmentally delayed. This momma wants an OPEN adoption.  Mom is looking for a family that is traditional,  married with 1-4 children, but will consider other families that can show her how they will be able to meet this little guy’s needs.

    Fees for this situation: if Special Angels Adoption, an agency, is needed for application for subsidies, $8,300.

    However, if you do not want Special Angels Adoptions to be involved and you want to get subsidies on your own, or don’t need them; Special Angels will step out and you can do your own adoption attorney to attorney!



  • 2. A birth father, who has sole custody, is seeking to place his eight year old  son who has Septo-optic dysplasia. He cannot see shadows and has no vision at all. He has light sandy hair and green/brown eyes. He uses a small white cane and can communicate using basic ASL. He takes medication for a growth deficiency and is small in size. He has some developmental delays. He has really started to do a lot of new things and is making progress!! He can eat and go potty by himself. This guy loves jazz, classical and R&B music. He loves being read to and is starting to learn Braille. He loves water and wants to learn how to swim.

    Fees for this situation are $5000 not including finalization in your state.


  • South Central States

  • Image result for south central states



  • 3. A family is sought for a little six year old boy. He is seven years old and he is described by his family as precious, funny, sweet and can be caring. He loves to be a helper and needs to be affirmed after he does something good. He loves to swim, ride bikes and play with friends. He really, really loves furry friends…so a family with a fur baby would be perfect. He is in a special program at school, he has been hospitalized for psychological help. He needs to be the baby of the family. Transitions are hard for him. He   has strabismus in his eyes and wears glasses. A family with no younger children that can maintain a calm, controlled environment . He would benefit from a stay at home parent that has 6-9 months to dedicate to him to help him adjust. An open adoption is being sought.

    Fees: $8,300 through Special Angels Adoption, however if an agency is not desired and you will apply for subsidies on your own, SAA will step out and you can hire an attorney on your own.



  • 4. A grandma, who has custody, is seeking to place her 8 year old girl. Grandma is getting older and is not in good health. Consents can readily be signed. This little girl has Atatic cerebral palsy, significant cognitive delays and seizures. She can pick up her sippy cup but cant set it back down. She needs help in feeding. She remembers peoples voices well and understands a lot of the conversation around her. She can walk with support, and can go up stairs. With prompts she can do some self care. She loves to be rocked and snuggled.  Music helps her go to sleep. She loves all kinds of music.  When she is happy she squeals. She needs sunglasses to go outside. She is not potty trained and cannot speak. She is sensitive to temperature changes and this can cause a seizure. She does not like to have her hair brushed.

    The fees for this situation are $8300, however since the legals may be higher, estimate 10,000. If you don’t need subsidies or want agency help, once again SAA will step out and let attorney’s handle the adoption.


  • 10492276_302967853217775_1916457839366216664_n[1]These little ones need to find their families. If these children tug at your heart and you are homestudy ready…contact Sara… If NOT, share so they can find their home.. And pray that we all could look at ourselves a little clearer, a little closer…and know that EVERY child belongs in a family …parenting is a life long job…and their lives have just barely begun. Lets all do our part.

  • Esther



3 comments on “Multiple situations of Children not in foster care, aged 4-11 in the US that need families!

  1. I have adopted children with special needs. It’s the fee that are being charged, ridulious. Maybe more children could be adopted if it didn’t costs so much. Would love to continue to adopt if it wasn’t for that

    • These children are not in foster care. Their adoption fees are not paid by the taxpayers. People who are able to place children have licenses and degrees and offices etc. All of that costs money.

  2. Sharon and Esther, you are both right. Cost is a barrier to permanency for some. And the fee’s of private adoptions and private agency adoptions are placed on the receiving family typically. Some families bio and adoptive share in the costs for the child being placed. Perhaps the most concerning is that infants and children placed outside of tax dollar funded agencies be they private or private agency, are often placed without necessary supports including AAP i.e. adoption subsidy that is vital to ensuring these children receive much needed medical/dental/behavioral assistance until they turn 21 and will help them maintain in their adoptive placement. The failure rate of unassisted adoptions continue to rise in the US in part due to International special needs adoptions that end in disruption.I personally believe that more funding needs to be geared to help biological families so they can raise their special needs child with the necessary supports/services and/or have access to residential medical/behavioral care for those who cannot care for the child in the home even with supports. I also firmly believe that there is a family for every child and that when God closes a door, he opens a window.

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