God bless you all Mightily

img_5560The post traumatic days go by…My mind is fuzzy, my motions are in slow motion…I can’t seem to organize even one thought in my brain… This is what happened…


The last I wrote, Ray was hospitalized with pneumonia. Later tests also found he had sepsis. I was at home with the kids when I got a phone call from the doctor, due to the noise of the wrestling kids I only got spurts of sentences…”he …episode…blood clot…icu…” Ok I have no idea what was in the middle of all that and honestly, Josiah has gotten into pinching really hard and he had Eli pinned to the ground in a death pinch on his face and was threatening to bite him too…so… I said thank you. Because honestly, it did not matter what I missed, I knew I had to get to the hospital. I called Micah at work ( we are so fortunate to own a small business where the boys work). He came home and I left in my Lularoe piggy leggings just because they make Ray smile. When I got in the room, they had Ray on a bipap machine to help him breathe… The pigs did make him smile 🙂  The nurse said that he had an episode of low blood pressure, high heart rate and  inability to breathe. It scared them. They called the ICU up for a consult to make sure there was nothing more that needed done. They were going to intubate him and asked if he had an advance directive. He said no…and “I have a three year old.” So they prepared to move him to ICU but the floor nurses with the ICU doctor were able to stabilize him there with the bipap. The two theories were: a blood clot (primary care doc thought this, but he is on continuous thinners) or septic shock (ICU doc thought that was what happened).

img_5557 My sisters had a few days of talking me out of a panic attack…and praying for me…as all of you did too; most not knowing the extent of what was happening. Please, if we ever come to mind: pray…God sure knows and he prompts prayer from those he knows will be faithful to his nudge…

We are so fortunate to have Ray back home with us again.

After release from the hospital, they wanted to remove all sources of infection. He has had a new pic line placed…and he had 23 teeth pulled. yeah ouch…major ouchie (without being put to sleep too) So he has been on a liquid or processed in a blender diet. He will get new teeth hopefully by the holidays 🙂

He missed chemotherapy due to being sick and had not had a treatment for a month. And we were anxious about what his multiple myeloma was doing…but PRAISE God with his bloodwork from this week…his cancer numbers have NOT risen!! Praise God!!


Meanwhile…God somehow has provided money to keep our bills mostly paid for home and the business… and I just am amazed that somehow, someway, through the loyal customers, through the fleet customers that are so forgiving when Ray is forgetful…every week we have just a little bit of money to go another day and keep the doors open. We thank God every day for our friends and family that keep us afloat…May God bless you mightily.



One comment on “God bless you all Mightily

  1. Praising God for His everlasting faithfulness ! Continuing to pray that He will be your strength, peace, and comfort through all the rough times and will lead you to the joy that comes in the morning,. (HUGS)))

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