I asked for TIME, God granted my request

When Ray was first diagnosed,  I knew that I knew …because God let me know, this was Not going to be easy. He was not going to be one that had a treatment that worked, got a Stem Cell Transplant and go into remission for a long time… Lots of patients with multiple myeloma do that, but God prepared me that that was not going to be Ray’s path. Here we are almost two years after diagnosis, never out of treatment, never in remission… BUT … BUT… This last treatment Has WORKED in a way that none of the others have!!


Fourteen months ago, he had a bone marrow biopsy that showed he had 75% of his marrow was cancerous…75% of the cells.  His marrow was making mostly cancerous plasma cells…but that was down from the 95% at diagnosis…so on he continued…The immunotherapy they put him on in March alerts his body to attack the cancer cells by marking them so the body recognizes the cancer as foreign. The problem with this treatment is that the blood results do not give the full picture anymore and the cancer is hard to measure from bloodwork alone. Ray had gotten to the point where they could not tell what his numbers really were, he was having a lot of pain and general exhaustion so they scheduled a bone marrow biopsy… and….and 15% we are at 15%!!!


15% it should be 0% for remission but 95% to 75% to 15%!!!  YAY… he did lose function of his thyroid somewhere along this chemo journey, and he is coming to grips with the fact even though the cancer load is lower, he may always have the pain from damage…but 15%!! whoo hoo!! Praise God~~ we have MORE TIME!!



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