Georgia family needed for a baby girl due in July

it-s-a-girl-round-balloon[1]A Bundle of Joy is networking with an agency seeking a Georgia family for an African American baby girl due July 22 in Georgia. Expectant mother would like and open adoption (including visits) and would like a family from Georgia. Expectant mother denies the use of drugs, alcohol and mental illness. Her family is aware of pregnancy and supportive of adoption plans. Please be advised, Georgia has a 10 day revocation period.
Serious inquiries ONLY

contact Martine (336) 770-2675 ext. 1

or email

Estimated fees

Agency Fee: $14,000
Birth Mother Expenses: $5,000
Total Agency Fee: 19,000
Legal Fees can range between $3,000-$7,000 (paid directly to attorney)
ABOJ Networking & Referral Fee $2,000 (due at the time of match)

I help support this blog and my family through the sale of LuLaRoe and fibi&clo. Thank you all .


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