Family needed for a baby boy already here!

Agency has enough families! thank you all!!

AA baby boy, born in Jacksonville Florida yesterday. He is premature (31 weeks gestation), but doing great, just tiny (3lb, 9oz). No reported history of drugs/alcohol.  His birth mother placed a baby with another agency 4 years ago. She is college educated, kind, and anxious to have the perfect family.  The birth mother does not have a racial preference and is open to single parents but not a same-sex couple.

th845G9Z0MThe agency will take surrenders once the family is identified, and are currently serving the birth father. Financial risk during the next 30 days is $9000.00. The agency expects the birthfather will deny paternity or default, due to the birth father’s previous remarks.  Once this is resolved, additional fees/expenses will be due.

This adoption is estimated at $29,000 ( $9000 at risk is included in this estimate)  plus Little Bit of Heaven’s fee of $500 registration fee, and $2500 for networkino.

If he is not your little guy, please share so he can find his home!

I help support our family by selling LuLaRoe.If you do not have a LuLa home, or are curious about these clothes that make so many women feel beautiful, please join my VIP group :

I also have begun to sell the fabulous fibi&clo sandals and shoes. Just trying so very hard to help with Ray so sick, and our special little ones.


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