Family needed for a sibling group of Five

Momma is now thinking that the two eldest children might be able to go to a separate family than the younger three… Momma is still reviewing the families who submitted and will soon be making her choice! Until she has decided, the agency continues to accept applications from qualified homestudy ready families.

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Adventurous family needed for a sibling group of FIVE precious little ones ages 9(boy), 7(girl), 4(girl),3(girl) and 1(boy). These children are living with their mother in the state of Indiana. They are bonded children and must be placed together. Any talk of separation is not appropriate. They NEED each other. They are all African American and terminations would have to be done on the fathers; none are reported to be involved or supporting the children in any way.  There is some urgency in this situation as the older four have spent  a small amount of time in the foster system and the mother is concerned that they may become involved again, although that is not currently reported to be the case. She wants them to remain together and wishes for them to be loved and cared for …

012314_1934_ThePriceofa2.pngKidsFirst Adoption Services,, Is asking for a family with either

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