Eight year old girl needs to find her family ASAP

As I sit here looking at this picture of a beautiful little eight year old girl with glossy brown hair, I am imagining who is waiting for her… I know there is a family with a hole in their lives that is just the right shape for this precious girl, made in the image of God, who belongs somewhere…is it with you?

Prov 18.4

Jxxxxxx lives in the state of Washington and the agency has been trying to find a match for her for THREE MONTHS! That is way, way too long…Her family wishes to place her as she is in danger of being placed in CYS custody.

She is being cared for by her father who is doing the best he can as a single divorced parent, as the momma has some struggles that have resulted in her losing custody.  He has been parenting her alone since she was four years old.

Winnie the pooh classic pictures pooh4[1]

She has just completed the first grade and LOVES the outdoors and camping!  She is artsy and loves crafts too!!  Reading is another favorite pastime! Due to her difficult history, none of it her fault, it is recommended that NO younger children should be in the home. The agency is open to both married and single parent families.


Medical records, pictures and much more information is available through the agency. Agency will help with application with SSI, and adoption subsidy, as it is possible she may qualify.

YOU MUST have a current homestudy and be ready to travel as a placement is desired ASAP !!

If interested, please contact: Hope Embraced Adoption Agency :



Join me in praying  that she finds a home that is PERFECT for her and that she can bloom and grow and thrive…and love and be loved… If she is not your daughter, please share so she can find her family!!

Thank you all so very much! Through YOU children find their families and just sharing this post by email or by facebook, you never ever know if YOU are the reason this little one thrives and grows up strong and healthy in body and mind and soul………YOU make a difference!

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